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PUBG India Pvt Ltd now registered 21 November 2020 in India

PUBG India Pvt Ltd now registered 21 November 2020 in India,registered 21 November 2020 in India, Registrations for real PUBG Mobile India said to be

PUBG India Pvt Ltd now registered 21 November 2020 in India, Registrations for real PUBG Mobile India said to be open

It has been a while since 2020 New PUBG Mobile India shot to Comming Soon limelight and the most asked question around the real Internet is When is the game new launching in India? 

While a date is nowhere to be found, an assurity of the game making it to India soon comes again in another form

PUBG Mobile India is new apparently launching in 2020 India under a different company, real top registered as new PUBG India Pvt Ltd

The registration of the new pubg company's name 2020 assures that it is indeed pubg india coming

The news comes courtesy of Abhijeet Andhare, who is an esports athlete of TSM esports group 

He has shared a new screenshot that details 2020 PUBG India Pvt Ltd as a new top Karnataka-based company with two real high-level management 2020 positions

The incorporation pubg mobile india date is given as November 21,2020 real post news which as we write is just three days ago. It is listed as a 2020 new subsidiary of a foreign company.


It has almost been a fortnight since the announcement of PUBG Mobile's return to India

There have pubg been reports of people new 2020 spotting the game's APK files on the website real temporarily

The official new social media 2020 new channels have been busy releasing teasers and promos for the game. There's new top still no pubg launch date available but it 2020 pubgseems it won't be long before you can go hunting the new Chicken Dinner real eat

Previously, some reports mentioned that PUBG Mobile India has started taking pre-registrations for the game on TapTap app. 

We headed over to the new pubg community and onto real PUBG Mobile India's official account, but we couldn't find any option to  21/11/2020 register.

Moreover, the new apk link to Android and iOS apps 2020 are shown as soon unavailable.

To get around the ban, the new Lunch PUBG Mobile India team 2020 has reached out to its players via social media, real pubg india of big changes to the game. 

The Indian version will modify new 2020 the content accordingly play free to suit the local demands. Hence, you will see fully clothed 2020 characters at the start new of the game. 

There will be more Indian-themed in-game new free 2020 pubg india content and violent effects will be toned down. For storing data, it is new said that PUBG Mobile India will rely on the comming Microsoft Azure platform for real meeting the government's demands.

Ministry Of Corporate Affairs

Active players on the real news previous global version will be able to transfer their game data and purchases to the download Indian version. 

However, banned players from the global game 2020 but new will need to make a new account complete with a different player profile. pubg india Additionally

The game will weigh just shy of 600MB Total But Full Update 1.97GB while downloading, and players can only install those modes 2020 Pubg of the game that they Real want to play

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