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cooper kupp stats vs 49ers is the most double-teamed wide receiver in the NFL Today

kupp stats vs 49ers is still chancing plenitude of success. He presently leads the NFL with 28 receptions and ranks sixth in entering yards with 280.

The Los Angeles Rams officially have one of the most double-teamed players on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. It’s been well-known over the last few years that Aaron Donald is the most double-teamed interior defensive lineman in the NFL. Cooper Kupp has now joined him as the most double-teamed wide receiver.

Last season Donald was double-teamed more often than edge rushers. According to 538, Donald was doubled on 64 percent of his pass-rush snaps. Teams still couldn’t stop Donald as his win rate against double-teams was still a league-best 23.1 percent. Defenses have now taken a similar approach to cooper kupp stats vs 49ers According to Pro Football Focus, Kupp is the most double-teamed wide receiver and by quite a large margin.

The Ram's wide receiver is double-teamed on 36 percent of the time while facing man content. That’s nearly 10 percent further than the coming closest wide receiver. 

 Davante Adams is coming close at27.3 percent. Despite their stylish sweats,  kupp stats vs 49ers is still chancing plenitude of success. He presently leads the NFL with 28 receptions and ranks sixth in entering yards with 280. 

It’s no surprise that brigades are doubling Kupp more frequently this season. In 2021 he came the first wide receiver since 2005 to win the NFL’s triadic crown. Since Matthew Stafford arrived last season, it’s been enough clear that the two players have a special connection. With Kupp being double-teamed on over one-third of his routes in man-content, you would hope it would have a Donald- suchlike effect on the obnoxious side of the ball for the other wide receivers similar to Allen Robinson and Ben Skowronek. still, Tyler Higbee is second on the platoon both in targets and yards. 

 While Skowronek is 27 yards down from matching his novitiate season yardage aggregate, Robinson is still trying to find his place in the offense. With the quantum of double- brigades that Kupp is getting, Robinson is a player that should be serving the most. still, Robinson has just seven receptions for 88 yards so far this season. 

The Rams will have a tough tourney defensively on Monday Night against the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers rank fifth in pass defense DVOA. It won’t be surprising to see the Rams ’ division rival concentrate a maturity of their attention on decelerating down cooper kupp stats vs 49ers

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