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Godfather Telugu Movie | Godfather Telugu 2022 IMDb Rating 3.25/ 5 | chiranjeevi godfather movie

Godfather Telugu 2022 IMDb Rating 3.25/ 5 Grounded on Malayalam megastar Mammootty's film Beelzebub, megastar Chiranjeevi and director Mohan Raja's G
Godfather Telugu Movie | Godfather Telugu 2022 IMDb Rating 3.25/ 5 | chiranjeevi godfather movie

  • Godfather Telugu 2022 IMDb Rating 3.25/ 5 
Grounded on Malayalam megastar Mammootty's film Beelzebub, megastar Chiranjeevi and director Mohan Raja's Godfather film has come as a Dussehra gift for the followership. As this film is coming after Acharya's disaster, mega suckers are having high expedients. The prospects have doubled with Salman Khan in the guest part in the film. If you want to know how the Godfather Telugu 2022 IMDb Rating Rating 3.25/ 5 that came out in such a situation gave a feeling to the suckers and the followership. you have to go through the review of the story and papers.

What's the story of The Godfather? 

The godfathers' movie Telugu There will be a bitter fight between Brahma( Chiranjeevi) and Satyapriya( Nayantara), the sons of Chief Minister PKR( Sarvadhaman Banerjee). Due to the injustice done to the mama, Satyapriya keeps Brahma down from the family. 
While the family differences are at an extreme position, the unforeseen death of Chief Minister PKR creates political queries in the state. elderly leaders will compass to capture the post of CM 

The twist in the godfather movie 

Why does CM's son stay down from the Brahma family? What's the reason for the differences between Satyapriya and Brahma? Why does Brahma want to live with the family after the death of his father? Jaydev did some conspiracy to take over the post of CM. How did Brahma stop Jayadeva's wrongdoings? How does Masoom Bhai( Salman Khan) come as a part of Brahma's charge? Has Jaydev eventually achieved his thing? What did Satya Priya do when she came to know about Jaidev's true nature? The story of Lucifer movie is an answer to the question of how Brahma helped the family who was in trouble. 

Godfather in first off 

The story begins emotionally with the demise of the CM of the state. It's literally telling the politics of Telugu states on the screen. The story progresses with Jaydev's political plot and the character of a police officer( Samudrakhani). the godfather in telugu First off Renuka goes into another range with the duet( Sunil, Divi Vadya) occurrences. The scenes with Puri Jagannath in the first half not only come to highlight Salman's entry but also take the story to another position. 
Salman, Chiranjeevi's mode is at peak 

Godfather Telugu Movie Godfather Telugu Movie Godfather Telugu Movie
In the alternate part, the character upgradation of Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan has made the film indeed more spectacular. Emotional scenes between the characters of Nayanthara, Satyadev, and Tanya Ravichandran put the film in another realm. And the melee in the combination of Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan in the climax will turn it into a gleeful mess for the suckers. Overall, Godfather turned out to be the stylish mass imitator of Chiranjeevi's career. 
Director Mohan Raja is taking 

Director Mohan Raja has shown an amazing gift in presenting The Godfather as a complete mess for the moviegoers and suckers likewise. godfather full movie in telugu He has made Godfather in such a way that without any shadow of Lucifer, prayers to all sections of the followership with an awful script to suit the tastes of the Telugu followership. He dealt well with political moves, strategies, and mass and marketable aspects. He handled the filming of emotional scenes, make-up shots, and climax brilliantly. It can be said that Chiranjeevi has achieved a place in presenting a new look with swish timber. 

Chiranjeevi is josh. is grace 

The godfather Telugu dubbed movie There's nothing new to say about Chiranjeevi's amusement, performance, and amusement. It would be an understatement to say that the actor in the part of Brahma has done Shivatandavam. The same passion, grace, station, look. After Chiranjeevi, Nayantara and Satyadev contended in that range. 
Salman Khan brings further mode and grace to the film. Sunil and Divi Vadya are other highlights of the film. The story revolving around her has Tanya Ravichandran showing maturity concerning her part. The rest of the characters did cent percent justice.

Taman music is magic 

And when it comes to the specialized aspects. Thaman has delivered a box-breaking BGM with his music. He composed music in numerous scenes in such a way that Romalu Nikkabodi. The song Taar Maar Takkar Maar is the highlight of the film, it gave new energy to the suckers. Nirav Shah's cinematography is amazing. 
The lighting used to fill the feelings in the scene is good. The editing and other aspects are done impeccably. The product godfather telugu values amended the film and the choice of actors helped propel the film into the blockbuster home.

After all, how is the godfather? 

Godfather is a film grounded on love, feelings, family values, and politics. This story isn't unknown to the Telugu followership. the godfather Telugu dubbed movie But how important can be said about Mohan Raja's gift for directing a well-known story without bringing it to the screen? 

Laxmi Bhupala's discourses burst like a thunderbolt. It can be said that Lakshmi Bhupala filled the stomach of the suckers with her words further than doubly anticipated. It can be said that this is a film like Godfather. The film, which came on the day of the Dussehra jubilee, filled the suckers with the feeling that the jubilee of Diwali had brought before. Do not stay. get a mega experience in theatre. 

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