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How To Earn ADMOB & ADSENSE | VPN SOURCE CODE | ANDROID STUDIO | Tutorial 1 | How To Make Apps Games

How To Earn ADMOB & ADSENSE | VPN SOURCE CODE | ANDROID STUDIO | Tutorial 1 | How To Make Apps Games

Want to know how to create a VPN like DOTVPN?


VPNs are a growing market thanks to people becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their online privacy.

Besides the online privacy that a VPN offers, charging others to use your VPN can make you money.

This article will discuss how you can create your own VPN software. But, first, we will look at how a VPN works and discuss an example VPN app to get an idea of what the target audience expects from such VPN services.

 vpn ऐप सोर्स कोड एंड्रॉइड स्टूडियो
 android vpn सेवा नमूना कोड
 android के लिए vpn app कैसे बनाये
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 खुद का vpn app कैसे बनाये
 android vpn स्रोत कोड github

How Do VPNs Work?

You can connect various devices to a VPN, e.g., your PC, smartphone, or tablet. When you connect a device to a VPN, the device behaves as though it‘s on the same network as your VPN.

The transmission of the network traffic to the VPN happens over a secured connection. Since your computer acts like it‘s on the same network as the VPN, you can access content on the Internet like you are accessing a Local Area Network (LAN). This allows you to access geo-blocked websites.

VPNs use data encryption, moreover, internet service providers use tunneling protocols to enable the VPN and secure the connection. Even if you use public Wi-Fi, your connection remains secure as with private internet access. You can read more about this in “Virtual Private Network (VPN)”.


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An Example Of A VPN Software

Let‘s review DotVPN, which is an example of a VPN software. It‘s an easy-to-use VPN software, and you can use it on your PC, smartphone, and tablet. The following quick facts about DotVPN are noteworthy:

How To Create A VPN Software Like DotVPN

I will now explain the steps to build a VPN software, and these are as follows:

how to create own vpn app
android vpn source code github


I recommend that you work with the following project scope:

  • Build a VPN software with features like DotVPN.
  • Offer a Chrome extension, moreover, offer an Android and an iOS app.

You also need a website to market the product and sell it online.

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