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How To Download PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 Obb + APK File / How To Download PUBG Mobile Korean Version 1.0.0 Obb +APK / ( Global & KR) 2020 New Update

How To Download PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 Obb + APK File / How To Download PUBG Mobile Korean Version 1.0.0 Obb +APK

  • The PUBG  Ban in India for Pubg Mobile there will be no link on play store 2020.
  • How To Download PUBG Mobile 1.0.0 Obb + APK File ( Global & KR) 2020 New Update

As you guys know i upload videos of Pubg Mobile and News refering to it. I will provide a 1.0.3 New pubg update  link for you to Free download Apk and Obb down below. Download Now The All you need to do is follow my steps and you can install the Pubg 1.0.3 new update. It’s really easy just read everything carefully. I’ll Tell you how to Update pubg Mobile 1.0.0

The If you want free royale pass we also do giveaways where every week Free New Sessoin15  you can win a Pubg Mobile Royal pass 2020. All you need to do is Subscribe to my Channel and go to the Give-away page and enter.

Download 1.0.0 Update APK+OBB File- Click Here To Download

Download 1.0.0 Update APK File- Click Here To Download

How to Update Pubg mobile 1.0.0?

If you didn’t get update on the play store follow this steps The sure you’re connection is Fast and Stable New my recommendation is Connect to Wifi and DATA and Update new 1.0.3 Pubg Game

The See if your Account is link your Facebook or twitter or somewhere to keep your data safe Pubg MobileThe Most importantly dont  uninstall previous version of Pubg mobile the one you have right now and install new 1.0.3 pung mobaile.Click The Link Below and Download Now New 1.0.0

How to Install Pubg mobile 1.0.0?

The Once you have followed all the pubg steps above carefully it’s time to install new 1.0.0 Firstly Install the Apk file wait for few secs and when Installing is over, tap Done And Second Copy Obb file from the Download folder in your phone device .

As a result Paste it Under: Android/obb/obb fileand obb file is the new pubg mobile obb file from above Your Folder 1.0.3 The start the pubg game and see if no error are showing on Phone Device The Lastly If there are no errors you can we play new Pubg mobile 1.0.0 maps

What’s in New Update Pubg Mobile 1.0.0

We you know Today New Update is dropping for Global or Kr version 1.0.0 for new Season 15 Beyond Ace. Download

But due to conditions in India for Pubg is under ban and won’t let you update free pubg on play store. But we have your back you can install  new 1.0.0 pubg and new map if you want to from the link given above and enjoy update pubg mobile 1.0.0 2020 update. and play free no any problems

With new Season 15 New rewards will drop in royale pass sesson 15 and new udates. 

This time you’ll get Better Graphics, better performance and new Erangel 2.0.

Erangel 2. 0 is actually a revamped version 1.0.0 of these map with far better visuals and new pubg smoothness. 2020 pubg mobileThe also gives new elements new update to be able to the map inside the form pubg associated with trenches, barricades 1.0.3, plus more. The style of several properties pubg 1.0.0 on the guide has been overhauled at the same time 2020 new updaes.

The PUBG Mobile always features 1.0.3 a Halloween concept in the game, new looks which brings fresh new lobby UI, events pubg 1.0.0pumpkins plus free much more. Additionally, the during the testing new of the continuous 1.0.3 update, many players spotted a new lot of Halloween night pumpkins laying close to in the brand new Cheerpark mode.

The you’re also thrilled for the approaching update, make positive to have a look at this specific list of  free proved features that may 2020 new be made available in PUBG Mobile 1. 0. 0 beta version.

Summary Patch Notes pubg m 1.0.0

New v1. 0. 3 pubg which features Brand new Erangel Map will end up being available for PUBG MOBILE 1.0.3 starting about September 8. Will we come new While,The server may not be used not play offline for this update. pubg Likewise, 

This update requires 0 GB of more safe-keeping space for Android and 1 GIGABITE of more storage space space for iOS. The new Players on diverse version1.0.0 cannot request one another, pubg mobile so please update as quickly as possible free download

The Pubg mobile spot notes 1. 0. 0 are almost all about new improvements for new device and detailed details 2020 new updates.

The Update the game between September 8 to September 13 (UTC +0) to get: Free New Rewords

  1. 2,888 BP
  2. 100 AG
  3. Red Racecar Knight Backpack (3d) 
  4. New Erangel:
  5. All-new Visuals
  6. Large Resource Point Changes
  7. New Map Elements

Fun battleground atmosphere across Erangel which will help to make new tactics in addition to strategies possible.

Building shape Changes

The Modified the shape regarding some pubg 1.0.3 urban locations to give gamers an even far better experience when the new looks map assaulting and defending 2020.

Livik Improvements:

  1. New gun : M1014
  2. Visual Effects Changes.

The New Changed The accuracy of rock New lay out with smoother graphics. such as, new 2020 Improved display of  pubg water lay out with smoother graphics. 

The new Made display of details 4k better when Monster Truck is seen from a distance new updates 2020.

  • Stage Balancing Adjustments.
  • Bug Fixes

New previously, Solved bugs  and Problem with clipping, new update 2020 floating objects, and gaps in the terrain.

whereas, Fixed a old bugs problem and update  with Monster Truck becoming stuck in walls2020 map.

and also, Fixed a problem with trees disappearing.

Halloween Infection Mode (available from October 23)

Security Performance Changes:

Security Improvement

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