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Ludo Online Challenge Earn Money

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Game.Origin & Evolution of Ludo Online Challenge

Released in 2020, Free Ludo Online Challenge has become real earn the first Indian game to cross 300 thousend downloads on online free plateform which is also the top modern version of the royal new game of Pachisi.

Top Ranking Game

Ludo Online Challenge's prominent features

Amazing Themes

Themes to play Ludo in interesting audio-visual settings

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Form A Room And Play!

Play new free regularly with your friends real earn  free and family members by forming a room

How To Play?

Ludo is real 2020 a children's game new free created in late new Victorian times real top new top free and based upon the ancient Indian game of 2020 Pachisi.

There are other real 2020 Western versions free new top of Pachisi such as Parchís from top 2020 Spain, Parcheesi real from the USA free and new Uckers, new a form real free of Ludo played in the Royal Navy top (and apparently some non-British navies) on a new free Ludo board.

How do I withdraw cash?

You can real new Withdraw Cash at any real top time by new free free going to My Account page real and clicking on new Withdraw new Cash free

Money new can be withdrew only free if your Ludo real Champions account is verified. free Once your account is verified, start top withdrawing.

Minimum withdrawal amount is Rs 200.

Only winning amount can be withdrew.

To Play Ludo new Champions, You need to free follow stated rules

There is a virtual ludo real board in Ludo free Champions mobile game new app.

There is a new free ludo board, it is a square with a top pattern on it in the shape of a cross, real each arm being divided free into three adjacent columns top of eight squares. The middle real squares form the home column for each new colour and cannot be landed free upon by other colours.

The middle of the cross forms a new 2020 large square which is the 'home' free area and which is divided into 4 home triangles, top new one of each colour. 

At each corner, free real separate to the main circuit are top free coloured circles (or squares) where the pieces are placed new 2020 to begin.

Players take turns in new free clockwise order; who top throws the lowest score new and the highest score i.e. 1 or 6 free of dice can come new out from the home and real start the game. Each throw, 

the player decides which piece to move. A real free piece simply moves in a  top new clockwise direction around thev free track given by the real number thrown.

If no piece can legally move new 30 according to the free number thrown, play passes to the next player real

A throw of 6 gives another turn. However, to new continuous 3 times throw of 6 spoils free your turn and gives the real top turn to the next player.

And If a new free piece lands upon a piece real of the same colour, this forms a block. This block cannot be passed or landed on by an opposing piece.

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