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PUBG MOBILE Indian Version Official Release Date 20 November 2020 Download APK Link

PUBG MOBILE Indian Version Official Release Date 20 November 2020 Download APK, LinkPUBG Mobile India and the trailer, Mera_Avishkar

 PUBG MOBILE Indian Version Official Release Date 20 November 2020 Download APK

PUBG Mobile Indian version marketing campaign might begin on Friday with the announcement of the return of PUBG Mobile India, through a teaser on 14th November 2020, excitement from all quarters has grown tenfold

PUBG Mobile India has been successful in creating great hype around the return of the title. However

the release date of the game has not been announced as of yet.

Various influencers and content creators have said that the game has been delayed due to some unforeseen circumstances.

According to a report by leading tech publication Tech Crunch, 

the marketing campaign for PUBG Mobile India might start tomorrow ie 20th November, 2020

When did PUBG release in India?

This marketing campaign might include more promotion and announcements regarding the release of the game, though no such announcement has been made by the official social media handles of PUBG Mobile India.

According to many Industry professionals, although KRAFTON have addressed the initial concerns of the government regarding the security and integrity of the data, that might not be enough

One reason behind the claim is that no other application which has earlier been banned by the government has returned to the App Store or the Play Store.

Earlier, according to a detailed press release by GRAFTON, it announced that its subsidiary, 

Is PUBG available in India?

PUBG Corporation was preparing to launch PUBG Mobile India - a game that was created to cater to the needs of the Indian market the company also hopes to set up an Indian subsidiary to enhance communication with players

The company is looking to hire about 100 employees, specializing in business esports and game development.

They also look forward to setting up a corporate office space in India to handle the day to day operations, and actively collaborate with local businesses to strengthen their hold in the massive country.

When will pubg come in India?

The South Korean company also announced that they had kept the security of user data as their top priority, which was the reason that the game got banned in the first place.

The company also announced that they would do regular checks and audits to ensure the safety of the user data, through the use of the cloud-based computing service Microsoft Azure. With all this buzz going around in the market regarding PUBG Mobile, it would be interesting to see what news and announcements tomorrow's sunrise brings in.

Players and fans have been waiting for the game's return with their fingers crossed for the last 3 months, which now seems to them like an eternity.

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