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PUBG Mobile KR Codes List December 2020 Free Gun Skins

PUBG Mobile KR Codes List December 2020 Free Gun Skins, Working Codes for PUBG Mobile & Get Rare Items for Free

Work Codes for PUBG Mobile and Get Free Rare Items

Looking for PUBG redemption codes to get free items on pubg mobile? Here are all the Pubg Mobile 2020 redemption codes that work and are available to collect luxury and legendary items on pubg mobile for free.

What you will get in today's article

PUBG Mobile redemption code

How to use PUBG redemption codes

PUBG redemption center

Pubg Mobile Redeem Code 2020

PUBG Redeem codes November 2020

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Let's take a look.

PUBG Mobile has many ways to collect legendary items. You can take it through the actual pass or open boxes by UC (unknown cash). With the help of this, you can find rare clothing, emoticons, vehicle skins and weapon skins, etc.

Many post lovers spend a lot of money to get them, but not everyone can afford it. You can't spend your monthly salary or pocket money to get a real season pass or to open lucky boxes.

So in this situation we can use PUBG redemption codes to get free items like pubg popularity, weapon skins, mythical outfits and uc cheats and many more luxury items. This allows us to purchase Pubg Skins and Articles for free.

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So first of all, you need to know where and how to use Redeem Codes in Pubg. Let's look at the guidelines given below.

PUBG Redeem Codes 2020

How to use PUBG Mobile redemption codes

PUBG has created a new page on their website to apply redemption codes called "Redemption Center".


AKM Glacier Skin, Golden Pan Code, Free Fireworks, New Legendary Outfit, Legendary Vehicle Skin, UMP9 Pistol Skin, Get Free Falcon, SCAL-L Pistol Skin.


Now any player can use this tool to access new items on their post ID. These are the complete guidelines for using this and how to get your redemption code.

Go to the official PUBG website and Open Redemption Center.

Redemption center

PUBG redemption codes

There you will find three boxes, the identification of the first character, the second redemption code and the last verification code. You must fill in the correct information here and click on the Redeem option.

PUBG redemption codes

For character identification, open your pubg pc or mobile app As shown in the screenshot below.

Pubg Redeem Codes

After correctly entering the character ID, redeem the code or verification code. Press the Redeem button.

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