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While it has been a new look quiet year for the fashion world, this season has 2021 top featured some really bold and stylish real designs.

 Large, cargo blazers, new top bold blue handbags, and stylish face masks dominated real look fashion weeks in recent weeks.

The new top From Paris to Milan, find real 2021 serious style inspiration 20 with the top fashion trends seen at SS21 Fashion new 1Weeks.

 1. Oversized boyfriend jackets with shoulder pads

 Create a long-line silhouette and play with shapes with an oversized 80s-inspired boyfriend blazer.

 With the help of shoulder pads, this outerwear adjusts to the waist and lengthens the legs.

 You can easily wear this for a sleek and effortless aesthetic.

 Oversized boyfriend jackets with shoulder pads


 Bottega Veneta Grain De Poudre Oversized Double Breasted Blazer

 Brunello Cucinelli Oversized Blaze

 Vince Boyfriend Fit Blazer

 Balmain houndstooth wool blend oversized blazer

 2. Black face masks

 When it comes to protecting yourself, you can do it wonderfully too.

 These sleek black masks match just about any outfit you wear and offer great coverage for your nose and mouth. Opt for a silky fabric to breathe easier, or go for something embellished if you're considering feeling fancy.

 The beauty behind this face covering is the limitless styling opportunities that go with it. Wear anything from a red trench coat to a color-matched suit and look exceptionally stylish.

 From an accordion style to a traditional form, there are so many options that will keep you and others safe.

 Black masks


 Rare and seldom seen striped face mask

 Carolyn Rowan Accessories Accessories Leopard Print Cotton Face Mask

 Sarah Chofakian face mask

 Neoprene face etched with Wolford Classic logo

 3. Head scarves

 Taking inspiration from the 50s and 60s, this elegant fashion trend is making a comeback in a big way. Bandanas protect your hair and add a finishing touch to your outfit without being over the top.

 Choose from a silky design with floral motifs or intricate patterns, or keep it simple with bold colors and capital letters.

 When designing this accessory, real look top 2020 you can wrap the fabric under the chin in a loose knot, or make it hang 2021 new look from india from the back of the head; Mix things up by wrapping it around your neck or new top look leaving it hanging out of your bag. Channeling your inner Grace Kelly has never real been easier with this classic item.

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