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8 Easy Beauty Tips to Improve Your Face, Skin and Hair

With that in mind, we've rounded up some of our new real-use tips and tricks approved by your favorite top-look beauty editor and makeup artist.

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Whether you are a beauty beginner or have been interested in all things makeup and hair for years, there is always something new you can learn

 With that in mind, we've rounded up some of our new real-use tips and tricks approved by your favorite top-look beauty editor and makeup artist.

These beauty tips will help you make your drugstore makeup look new like a pro, get the most out of your favorite skincare products, and make your hair look like a salon every day.

Bonus: These tips are so simple and fresh-looking, you won't have to change your entire routine to reap the benefits of these easy, real-looking makeup, hair and nail tips.

Use petroleum jelly for a smudge-free manicure Beauty tips

Use this map for your makeup makeup tricks


Knowing what each part of the actual new top look the battle when it comes to following real looks beauty tutorials. royal look Be sure to add this handy guide to your new Pinterest beauty board so your new top can tame your makeup.

  Set your lipstick with powder through a tissue lipstick trick

  Are you tired of your lipstick smearing, smudging or fading during the day? Fix it with translucent powder, but don't put it directly on your lips and I am on 

Instead, blot with a tissue so just the right amount of powder gets into your pot. And follow the rest of this simple lipstick tutorial to keep your color beautiful for as long as possible.

Use multiple face masks to maximize your results makeup tricks


 Skincare isn't universal, so customizing your routine can help you get the best results for your complexion.

"Multiple masking is when multiple face masks are worn or placed on the skin simultaneously to combat different skin problems at the same time," explains New York City esthetician Cecilia Wong to get a chance 

  If you have an oily T-zone but dry cheeks, for example, you can use a hydrating mask on the sides of your face and a charcoal mask on your forehead, nose, and chin. It's like you are in a spa!


To keep the homemade manicure on your nails (and not the skin around them), dab a little Vaseline around the boundary where the nails end and the skin begins. Wait for your manicure to dry,

  then wash your hands; Any polish that has fallen on the Vaseline will wash off immediately.

  Apply dry shampoo before going to bed Dry shampoo


  Dry shampoo is a real last minute lifesaver when you have new 2020 looks to be somewhere but don't have time to wash your hair.

  But you can actually get more out of your bottle of dry shampoo by applying it before bed. "I like to wear a new look before new look free new 2020 look Beauty Director at Good Housekeeping. "Your hair will absorb it while you top real new top looks and sleep and you will look real fresh in the morning."

 How to Use Dry new top real new Shampoo, according to Hair Pros

  Touch, don't rub, perfume your wrists touch perfume on wrists


  This simple tip will make your perfume last much longer: do not rub your wrists to apply the perfume (it makes it disappear faster). Instead, press together.

  Take care of the concealer for a natural look.concealer trick


  Contrary to popular belief, loading the lower part of the eyes with concealer will not erase those dark circles; in fact, wearing a ton of coverage looks really unnatural and can make you look older. Instead, use a thin layer of clear concealer that matches your skin tone without completely covering your complexion.

  Move your eyeliner down for a rounder eye.


  A cat's eye will always be great, but this "puppy eyeliner" Korean makeup trend has us hooked. Instead of moving the eyeliner up at the end, drag it towards the cheekbone for a rounder and broader eye.

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