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POCO Launcher 3.0 Download | New Version Update Poco launcher 3.0 Support Device

Recently when it comes to New POCO Launcher 3.0 in 2020 we are talking about the new device that will be announced tomorrow as Download POCO X3,
POCO Launcher 3.0 Download |

Recently when it comes to New POCO Launcher 3.0 in 2020 we are talking about the new device that will be announced tomorrow as Download POCO X3, the first of the X series will also arrive in Europe real in fact, the X2 has always been unique to the Indian market. But when it comes to branding, even smartphone lovers know Homer Launcher

We are currently on old version 2.0, but apparently new update POCO Launcher 3.0 is in development and it will be a new reality-based and optimized on MIUI 12 K20Pro We found a video that shows us a preview of some of the details.

Here is the official statement for the next major update that includes MIUI 12 gestures:

  • Features expected in the next version
  • Control reach the expulsion center
  • New navigation bar
  • Full-Screen Gesture 3.0
  • Floating window
  • New process manager


A big next launcher update is expected in the fourth quarter of this year, don't ask for ETA, when it will be ready. The APK will be shared with this group when you are ready to reply. Animation and smoothness are being optimized, and expected to work well with miui 12

These Navigation gestures are now and being developed, real it is planned in the next major update Poco Launcher 3.0 2020 new update will always be different from Xiaomi Launcher, it is a minimalist launcher Download Real that aims to be smooth and fast new 

POCO Launcher 3.0 Download |

This update 2020 while consuming the least amount of resources, provides some customization. new feathers If you want the Xiaomi Launcher features, go ahead in 2020 and use it instead. Some features will only work on miui as they depend on the miui framework, please don't complain they don't work on AOSP / Stock android.

Little Launcher 3.0 Release Date

However, many people complain that the news is not only clear and there are not many. It new 2020 should be said, in defense new launcher 3.0 of the developers, that as far as we know, the new poco update launcher in question has just entered the new beta testing phase 

This means that there is time until October (probably) to fix things and make them slightly different from version 2.0. A s far as we know, POCO Launcher is the most preferred of MIUI systems. We'll see what developers can do.

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