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In the new year, airlines will start from eight new airports.

Minister Nandi reviewed the development work of the Civil Aviation Department on Friday, adding that the Aeronautical Training Institute will add Air

In the new year, airlines will start from eight new airports.

Uttar Pradesh's Civil Aviation Minister Nand 2021 New Post Gopal Gupta 'Nandi' has said that development work This year, airlines will start from all of these airports. 

With this, four new courses will be added under the Mission of Development of Competencies in the field of aviation by the Institute of Aeronautical Training located on the campus of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. 

With the introduction of new airports, where people will have comfort to move around, new job opportunities will also be created in the respective areas.

 Preparations for Kushinagar Airport Opening in March

 Minister Nandi reviewed the development work of the Civil Aviation Department on Friday, adding that the Aeronautical Training Institute will add Airline Security Executive, Airline Cabin Crew, Airline Reservation Agent and Airline Customer Service Course.

Under the Skills Development Mission. He said construction work on the Kushinagar airport is almost complete. 

Kushinagar Airport will open between February and March. Apart from this, airlines will also start from Aligarh, Azamgarh, Moradabad, Shravasti, Sonbhadra, Chitrakoot and Bareilly airports this year. He reported that the development work for all these airports is in its final stage. 

Other airports that are being built and proposed in the state were also reviewed during the meeting.

 Fulfill jewelry airport related duties in a timely manner

 During the review, the Minister discussed the work to be done at the state government level on the State Support Agreement for the international airport to be built in Jewar. Officers were instructed to fulfill all obligations on time. 

Officers were asked to expand this to include other new courses in aviation at training institutes. 

For the state government to provide skilled labor in the aviation sector and the people of the state to obtain employment.

 A new civil enclave will be built in Gorakhpur

 Minister Nandi has said that work done by the state government on air connectivity has never been done before in the state. All areas of the state are connected by air connectivity. 

Soon 12 new airports will be ready under construction. Actions have been started to build a new civil enclave at 

Gorakhpur airport from where there are flights to six cities. For the new civil enclave in Kanpur, the state government bought around 50 acres of land and handed it over to the Airport Authority of India for free.

 145 acres of land purchased for Ayodhya airport

 Jhansi Airport Development According to the offer, AAI has carried out a pre-feasibility study to operate 19-seater aircraft. Inspection work for Lalitpur airport has been completed. 

So far, 145 acres of land have been purchased for the Ayodhya airport. Kushinagar Airport is almost ready for international flights.

 There will be four but not six runways at Jewar airport

 The minister reported that the state government is developing the Greenfield Noida International Airport in Jewar, in the Gautam Buddha Nagar district. The developer has been selected. 

The government is also working to increase the number of runways at Noida Greenfield International Airport from four to six. For this, a feasibility study has been carried out.

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