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PUBG Mobile Update: 2021 New RTI Claims No Formal Dialogue Between Comming SoonPUBG Mobile India and Government

PUBG Mobile Update: New RTI Claims No Formal Dialogue Between PUBG Mobile India and Government

PUBG Mobile Update: 2021 New RTI Claims No Formal Dialogue Between Comming SoonPUBG Mobile India and Government

PUBG Update and PUBG Rumors: There has been setback after setback regarding the PUBG handover in India. The release date for FAUG also came out. A new development has emerged regarding PUBG Mobile and the release of the new PUBG Mobile India version has been delayed. An RTI (Right to Information) query submitted by Gemwar showed that "for now there has been no formal dialogue between parties concerned about the future of PUBG Mobile India."

One of these questions was "2021 Is there an open dialogue between realy comming soon Beta Update MEITY and PUBG Corporation / Krafton INC?" And according to the report, he received a response saying "no formal interaction with PUBG / Crafton organized by the ministry." FAUG vs. PUBG has been a hot topic and pressured Crafton Inc. to restart the game in the country. has been. That said, very little progress has been made on this matter.

 Rumors have been circulating in the community, as much as they may be as standard bearers of the Indian esports industry, and this has led to many assumptions about the resurgence of PUBG in India. With that said, InsideSport had previously reported the news of a video that spoke of a new teaser for PUBG in India, stating that "some of India's biggest PUBG teasers will be content creators."

 YouTuber attributed his perception to Indian commenters and Maxtern, a member of the Indian esports community, who has repeated (but not true) conversations about the relaunch of 

PUBG in India. In the latest tweet, Maxtern confirmed the term and said that big news is coming from January 15-19. Twitteria was willing to believe that it was related to PUBG's return to India.

 However, it should be taken with a pinch of salt because the official formula, the rule of the top Crafton Inc. bosses, actually says nothing about the recall. However, this tweet from Maxten is also not to the liking of an eagerly awaited fanbase, 

who slaps him, saying that he can only delete this tweet on January 19, claiming that he has nothing. he said. Others have said that he is only trying to preach on something that has very little.

 What is the status of PUBG's return to India?

 However, according to DNA India, there is a report saying that a download link has been placed on the PUBG Mobile India website. Reports also suggest that PUBG Mobile Corporation is trying to contact the government to see if PUBG Mobile India can be launched. However, there has been no response from the government in this regard. This RTI denies all of these claims and rejects them.

 Keep in mind that the only official news emanating from PUBG Corporation is the hiring of new people who have joined the team. The team is led by Anish Arvind who is appointed head of country and then some community managers and visual graphics help.

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