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The central government plays a written 'meeting-meeting' in Saamna, ministers involved in sports will get prizes

The MSP, that is, the minimum support price and the elimination of the three agricultural laws. Farmers' organizations already made it clear at yester

The central government plays a written 'meeting-meeting' in Saamna, ministers involved in sports will get prizes

Maharashtra's ruling party, Shiv Sena, has targeted Modi's government. The Shiv Sena, through its spokesman Saamana, has raised big questions against the central government. 

Shiv Sena wrote in the Saamana case editorial that even after eight rounds of negotiations, no results were obtained, it is their policy to continue the farmers' movement. 

The Shiv Sena accused the central government that talking to farmers was a government drama.

 The Shiv Sena wrote in an editorial in the Saamana spokesman: “The discussion between the farmers and the threatened government on the Delhi border was once again inconclusive. Even if there are eight rounds of discussion between farmers and Union ministers, if there is no result, then the government has no interest in it. 

The farmers' movement has to continue and this is the government's policy. He wrote: 'It is cold in Delhi. It has also been raining for three days. 

The water entered the farmers' tents and their clothes and beds got wet. Farmers are not ready to withdraw yet. Farmers are determined to repeal the farm law. 

In the eyes of the government, the sacrifice of these farmers comes at no cost. If the government had been humane, the agriculture law would have been postponed immediately and would have stopped the game that is played in the lives of farmers.

 Facing the January 4 meeting, he wrote, the meeting of 'peasant leaders' with Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar and Trade and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal and State Minister Sompal Shastri took place on Monday at Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi.

 At this meeting 40 peasant leaders were present, but what was the result? The three ministers are not empowered to make decisions and the peasant leaders are not willing to back down. 

The peasant leaders stood on the steps of Vigyan Bhawan and said, what is this show? Is the government playing 'meet-meet' with us? What will be the use?

 The play on the discussion in Saamna was written saying: "On the one hand, the government pretends to talk about farmers. At the same time, it uses a mechanism of pressure on farmers." 

The peasants protest against the infiltration of the corporate company in the agrarian sector, 

the peasants fear that with the new agrarian law their agricultural business will pass into the hands of the corporate companies and the land will also get out of their hands. Farmers' crops should fetch the minimum price to support, but the corporate companies appeared before the Agricultural Generation Markets Committee which guaranteed the minimum price.

 Shiv Sena's spokesperson wrote: `` Farmers are implicated under the new farm law. The Ambani and Adani industrial groups will enter into agricultural contracts and the farmer will have to beg in the future. The Reliance Jio Company towers in Punjab and Haryana were vandalized by farmers.

 Now Reliance Company is giving clarification that our company does not have any juice in the agriculture business. After Ambani, Adani Industry Group made a similar statement now, Delhi's burning border will calm down. There is a fear in the minds of farmers for two industrialists. This means they have no faith in the three agricultural laws forcibly imposed by the government.

 Through Saamana, Shiv Sena has demanded Prime Minister Modi to intervene to end the movement. It is written in Saamana, 'Prime Minister Modi should intervene regarding the farmers' movement. On January 8, a meeting will be held between the farmers' organization and the government. The topics being discussed are the same. 

The MSP, that is, the minimum support price and the elimination of the three agricultural laws. Farmers' organizations already made it clear at yesterday's meeting that we will not return home without withdrawing the law. Peasant leaders warned the government at every meeting We have no interest in discussing the three agricultural laws. 

We do not want changes in the farm law. The movement will end only when the law is repealed. "

 While attacking the BJP, Shiv Sena also accused the Modi government of being arrogant, writing: `` The farmers are stubborn and the Modi government of the BJP burns with arrogance. Farmers also got water during the harsh winter and torrential rains. Such an inspiring image was not seen even before independence. At that time, the agitated peasants were killed by the British as traitors. Today, the central government

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