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Will the old 100 rupee notes be discontinued? Know RBI's response

Will the old 100 rupee notes be discontinued? Know RBI's response

RBI Breaking News: A statement from RBI (RBI) Deputy General Manager B Mahesh (B Mahesh) recalled demonetization. 

B Mahesh has said that the 2021 new update Reserve Bank is considering a plan to new withdraw old 5, 10 and 100 rupee notes. If all goes well, it can be announced in March and April.

 The 100 rupee note will be closed

 From time to time, the Reserve Bank closes the old series of banknotes to avoid the threat of Fake Note. All old notes that have been closed after the official announcement are deposited in the bank.

 It has to be done. The value of the total bills deposited is deposited into the bank account or a new bill is issued.

 Gasoline Price Today Jan 23, 2021 Updates: Gasoline has become expensive at Rs 11! Diesel prices also increased by 8 rupees in 1 year

 The old 100 rupee note will also continue 

 2 years ago, RBI (RBI) issued a

 new 100 rupee note. The new 100 rupee note is deep purple in color and has been placed at the Rani ki Vav Historic Site. It is also known as Rani ki Bawdi. Rani ki Vav is located in the Patan district of Gujarat (Gujrat). UNESCO_ UNESCO_ included 2014 Queen's Vav 4 years ago in the 

World Heritage According to the UNESCO website, the queen's wav is connected to the Saraswati River UNESCO has awarded her the title of

 Queen of the B Steps Mahesh said that despite The issuance of new banknotes, the old 100 rupee banknotes will also continue to be considered valid currency.

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