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Drop Release PUBG: NEW STATE, the newest title from PUBG Studios, creator of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS

PUBG: Pre-registration of New State has been made live on Google Play Store. However, this game will not be available due to PUBG Mobile ban. PUBG:

Full Battle Royale experience Next-gen mobile graphics Anonymous gunplay

  Original battle royale

Drop Release PUBG: NEW STATE, the newest title from PUBG Studios, creator of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS.

  Using a variety of weapons and tactics, 100 survivors will be found until only one player or team is standing.

  With the blue zone getting smaller and smaller, players must find weapons, vehicles, and consumables to gain the upper hand.

  Only the strongest "" Lone Survivor "" will emerge in this epic performance.

  ▶ Ultra-realistic graphics that push the limits of mobile games

  Graphics that exceed the standard for mobile games with global lighting technology.

Go huge open world with the most realistic graphics available for mobile games.


  With next-gen mobile graphics, PUBG: NEW STATE brings the full Battle Royale experience right into the hands of gamers.

  Dynamic, realistic and dynamic gunplay

  Enjoy a realistic shooting optimized for mobile games.

  Master multiple weapons and make each one your own with weapon customization.

  ▶ next generation survival

  Enjoy a variety of tools and features including drones, combat scrolls, and more.

  Explore a huge 8x8 km open world with a wide variety of vehicles.

  Use a variety of weapons to turn the battle in your favor and enjoy a more immersive Battle Royal experience.

  Expanding the G Universe PUBG

  New 2021 Set in the near future, real commin soon gyears have passed since the original game. In 2051, new update on play sotre wait new relese 2021 many factions have laws of chaos fighting each other.

  Competition has become a new battlefield, with cutting-edge technology that requires survivors to adopt new strategies to survive.

  ◈ smartphone access permission notification

  [Required access permissions]

  - Storage: access is required to install and store data for the game.

  [Optional access permissions]

  - Microphone: access is required to use the game's voice chat features.

  [How to remove access permissions]

  - Android 6.0 or higher

  1. Removing access by role: Settings> Applications> More (Settings and controls)> Application settings> Application access> Select access permissions> Remove access

  2. Remove access by application: Settings> Applications> select applications> select access permission> select remove access

  - Android 5.1.1 or less

  Deleting an application is the only way to remove access permissions due to operating system limitations.

  We recommend that you update the Android OS version.

  [Product information and conditions of use]

  Purchases will incur additional costs for the purchase of goods paid for.

  - Duration and conditions of use: follow the details indicated in the game

    (Assuming no separate date will be indicated until service ends)

  - Payment and payment methods: they follow different amounts and payment methods per product

    (Payment amount is subject to change based on currency exchange rates and must be paid in foreign currency)

  - Product delivery method: instant delivery for game (character) identification

  - Minimum device clearances: Android 6.0 or higher, 2.5GB RAM

  - Customer Service Center:

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