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PUBG Mobile 1.3 Global Beta APK, now available for users in India and around the world

PUBG Mobile 1.3 Global Beta APK, now available for users in India and around the world

PUBG Mobile 1.3 Global Beta APK, now available for users in India and around the world

The latest PUBG 1.3 Beta link is available for users from India and around the world. The New 2021 beta version is Download available to the public real 2021 beta link for testing purposes.

 The new update has all Peppole download link the new features real look 2021 with improved graphics. While PUBG Mobile India game is yet to be released, you can use this apk to play in India. 

Recent updates point to the release date of PUBG Mobile for India between March and April.

 The company has been teasing the game with trailers and independent social media posts on YouTube.

 Previously, the government removed global links and said that 'access to PUBG in India' is not illegal, so PUBG Mobile India download links available with other sensors were not considered illegal.

 PUBG Beta 1.3 APK Link (1.3 Beta): PUBG Mobile Update

 Follow the steps to download and install PUBG Mobile Kr version 1.3 beta apk.

 Enable installation from unknown sources: Settings> Security and privacy> Allow installation from unknown sources

 Step 1: The Download application from the link provided.

 Step 2: install it.

 Step 3: Open it and select the desired apk file your resource pack.

 Step 4: Once you open, it will ask you for an invitation code.

 Step 5: Enter the invite code and press the yellow button to play.

 PUBG Mobile India Launch: PUBG Mobile in India Officially When?


 PUBG Corporation has repeatedly emphasized on a safe gaming environment within the game, with many complaining of adverse health and health effects for active players. Furthermore, the company has confirmed that the data of all Indian players will be stored safely without any illicit transfer.

 PUBG Corp will carry out 'regular audits and checks on storage systems containing Indian user data' to strengthen security and ensure that user privacy is managed securely.

 Arriving at the PUBG Mobile India download 2021 real new update 2021 link, the Indian version of the game has been heavily new looks top customized for Indian gamers. 

The available PUBG Mobile India download links take you to the Korean version, while many users use VPN to play PUBG.

 The PUBG ban by the Indian government is still in effect, but you can use global links to play in India. The company has yet to confirm the release date of PUBG Mobile India, but it is expected in a few weeks, probably in March. According to other reports, the PUBG India release of the new version may happen between March and April.

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