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PUBG Mobile India: When was the game first announced?

More importantly, the company will include a time-banning feature to promote healthy gaming habits for younger players

PUBG Mobile India: When was the game first announced?

  The popularity of PUBG Mobile in the Indian community cannot be understood as the title has somehow become a household name in the country.

He has also received numerous awards and accolades from players around the world.

  The success of the game is not just limited to the player base, as it has also maintained a large amount of revenue and audience. However, in an important step,

  The Government of India suspended PUBG Mobile and 117 other apps in the country in September 2020.

  Since then, the experience for Indian fans has been far from easy. They were expecting a resurgence of their favorite title, and with the announcement of the Indian version of PUBG Corporation, a ray of hope emerged.

  Shortly after, a website and a preview were launched.

  PUBG Mobile India Initial Announcement

PUBG Mobile Indian version was announced on November 12, 2020. The press release read

  "Various aspects of the game will be customized for Indian players, such as the game now taking place in a virtual simulation training ground New characters automatically begin to undress and the green hit effect reflects the virtual nature of the game. "

  "More importantly, the company will include a time-banning feature to promote healthy gaming habits for younger players."

In addition to the local remake, PUBG Corporation also announced its plans to establish subsidiaries and professional employees of various sectors in India.

  He feels that this statement is good because PUBG India Private Limited was registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs after some time.

  There were two appointed directors: Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Hyunil Sohan.

  A new operations team was also hired with Aneesh Arvind as country manager.

  Some other important announcements

  The press release also revealed PUBG Corp's plan to invest $ 100 million in India to boost the country's overall export outlook.

  The South Korean company also said that there will be an Eskap League exclusively for the Indian region.

  The statement also emphasized privacy and security as one of the company's top priorities.

  After the announcement of the Indian version, it seemed that the game would make a successful return to the country very soon, but it didn't.

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