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NetGuard - no-root firewall v2.294 Final (Pro)

Firewall without root. No suspicious permissions on hostname / domain name filtering, simple interface, granular access control, and firewall applicat

Firewall without root. Hostname filter, fine access control.

  Firewall without root. No suspicious permissions on hostname / domain name filtering, simple interface, granular access control, and firewall application.


  NoRoot Firewall cannot work on LTE because this NoRoot Firewall does not currently support IPv6. I am working on a solution.

  The NoRoot firewall requires NO ROOT. This prevents your personal information from being sent over the Internet. NoRoot Firewall notifies you when an application is trying to access the Internet. All you have to do is hit the Allow or Deny button.

  The NoRoot firewall allows you to create filter rules based on IP address, host name, or domain name. You can only allow or deny specific connections to an application.


  - Root is not required according to the name NoRoot Firewall.

  - Precise access control based on IP / hostname / domain name.

  - Simple interface. Easy to use.

  - Minimum permit. No location, no phone number.

  This is the perfect solution if you want a firewall for Android without root. This gives you total security for your Android. NoRoot Firewall is like Drodwall for root users.

  Translation partner:

  - Björn Sobolevski

  - Genec

  - Elias Holzman

  - Torsten Bischof

  - Daniel Macedu

  - Victor Alberto Nibero

  - Wilco van Tilburg

  - Rosary beads

  - Patrick Daricau

  - David Opdebeck

  - George Camargo

  - Fernando Ji

  - Florin Radulescu

  - Magyar

  - Mehmat Ali Insafe

  - deny

  - Storm Bagu

  - Sparrow 79

  - stronger than the steep ones

  - Adyar Moreno Matas

  - Amer Ahmed

  - Sayed

  - Nibero Victor Alberto

  - Matthew Hoyles

  - Lachzer Gorchev

  - Fabian Thomas


  - Alejandro Salis

  - Juan Diego Ianelli

  - Pierre-Louis Rousseau

  - Alfred Spiker

  - Matuk Moravic  - Mihufish

  - HelixX 23

  - Julian David Strasser

  - Cronoxargoid

  - Nikolay Umnof

  - LoSMB

  - Gaixikan

  - usuf_champ_video

  - Anil R. Chaudhary

  - Abdullah Almuzahmi

  - mob7er

  - Nano

  - Max

  - Wolfram

  - You are going

  - Support for Android 10

  - Import / export filter

  - and many others


आपको 2 Steps पूरे करने होंगे तब जाकर आप डाउनलोड कर पाएंगे 
You have to complete 2 steps then you will be able to download

You have to wait 40 seconds.

WAIT TO DOWNLOAD NetGuard - no-root firewall v2.294 Final (Pro)

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