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PUBG MOBILE BETA v1.4.0 [apk] - For Android Free Download

PUBG Mobile Beta PUBG Mobile Beta Beta v 1.4.0 [APK By Tencent Games,PUBG MOBILE BETA v1.4.0 [apk] - For Android Free Download

PUBG Mobile Beta v1.4.0 [APK] Install the latest updates

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   PUBG Mobile Beta PUBG Mobile Beta Beta v 1.4.0 [APK By Tencent Games

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  pubg mobile beta for android download

  PUBG is known as Mobile Beta Player Player, a beta version of Battlegrods (PGG). The main difference between this and the official version is that here you can see the latest features of the game before anyone else. 

Of course, you have to sacrifice a certain level of stability, but this should be expected GFX Tool for PUBG

  In the game, you will participate in the 100-person Battle Royal against other online players. You are on a closed map where only one player can stand at the end. 

To play, you will have to search everywhere to gather the necessary resources to win, including weapons and more. But that is not all. 

  In addition to the standard game mode, you will find several additional modes in PUBG Mobile Beta, including a 4v4 "Mass Death Match", a mode where you fight hordes of zombies, and a mode that revolves around driving. too much vehicle. Of course, all these game modes are available in the first beta.

  You can also customize the level of detail of the rate through the Settings menu. This means that you can adjust your experience to apply the capabilities of your smartphone. Also, you can customize the controls while driving or walking.

  PUBG Mobile Beta is a great adaptation of the original player's familiar Battlegrods. You will enjoy hours of gameplay in multiple modes that, in many cases, have not reached the final version.


आपको 1 Steps पूरे करने होंगे तब जाकर आप डाउनलोड कर पाएंगे 
You have to complete 1 steps then you will be able to download

You have to wait 40 seconds.


 As an added benefit, if you choose the team option, you can chat live with your friends in the game, through the microphone of your smartphone, to coordinate your movements.

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