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PUBG Mobile India launch for PUBG fans, in the name of Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India is one of the most awaited games of 2021. While the game is now ready to make a comeback, it is coming with a new name.

 PUBG Mobile India launch latest update: PUBG Mobile is great news for fans. 

 Once again, the hope of returning to India of this battle royal game has been aroused. Can be launched by name. Some changes made on Mobile India website and social media platforms and new teaser posters have indicated this. Also Read -

 PUBG Mobile was banned in India in September last year. Indian fans have been waiting for the return of this battle royal game ever since. 


PubG Mobile's publisher Krafton is also trying to relaunch it in India. Now it seems that some development has taken place on the return of PubG Mobile to India, because the official Facebook page of PubG Mobile India has written

 'BattlegroundsMobileIN', besides another account on Facebook called Battlegrounds Mobile India. It has been claimed that this is the official account of PUBG Mobile India. However, this account is not verified. The banner photo on this Facebook account shows the game's name Battlegrounds Mobile India. 

 PUBG Mobile India to launch as Battlegrounds Mobile India

Also written 'Coming Soon'. A link to the official website of PUBG Mobile India has also been given on this Facebook page, on which 'Coming Soon' is written. Also Read -

 On the other hand, last month, PUBG Mobile India YouTube subscribers received a notification for a new 6-second teaser video. However, this teaser video was soon removed from the channel. According to reports, the title of this video was 'All New PUBG MOBILE coming to India # 1.'

 No information has been revealed about the launch of PUBG Mobile India or Battlegrounds Mobile India. PUBG Corporation or Krafton has not shared any details related to it. 

 That means, it is still not clear whether Pabji will return to India or not. However, looking at the new developments, it is expected that soon PUBG Mobile fans can get good news.

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