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PUBG Mobile: Season 19 tier rewards confirmed leaks

So, if all goes well, PUBG Mobile Season 19 will hit your mobiles on May 17-18, approximately 2 weeks away

Image via PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the highest-grossing in the Battle Royal genre. The game offers its players an HD quality Battle Royal experience with many modes and maps The game has an impressive tier system that rewards players when they rank for a higher league title. With each new season of the game, the developers have added new rewards, including outfits and weapon skins

PUBG Mobile: Season 19 Tier Award

The bronze level is the preliminary league for PUBG Mobile. A new player who plays the game starts playing at a bronze level and can then rank his league. The tier award for bronze is 200 silver pieces The Silver Tier award for Season 19 is 400 silver pieces.

The Gold Tier reward is the same outfit shown in the images above. Along with this, players will also receive 600 free silver pieces. Upon reaching Platinum tier, players will receive a skin for the Gold tier outfit. Additionally, players will also receive 800 Silver Pieces as Platinum Tier Rewards in PUBG Mobile Season 19 Season 19 Release Date May 17-18 So, if all goes well, PUBG Mobile Season 19 will hit your mobiles on May 17-18, approximately 2 weeks away.

Diamond Tier Rewards

Season 19 is one of the attractive Diamond Level prizes. Players will earn the M249 weapon skin to reach Diamond level and play five matches at Diamond level Other prizes are 1,000 silver pieces that can be used to redeem outfits and other items from the "Redeem" section of the game.

Crown Tier Rewards

In Season 19, a player who reaches the crown level will receive three rank security cards as level rewards. If a player dies in the early stage of the match, these rating protection cards remove any negative level rating points Other prizes include the season 18 crown nametag, epic team entry effects, and 1,300 pieces of silver.

Ace Tier Rewards

Ace is one of the toughest leagues in the game. The competition is much higher in Ace Tier as the most skilled players fall into the same lobby. The Ace Tier award for season 19 is the Ace Parachute from season 19 and 1,600 pieces of silver.

Conqueror Tier Rewards


Along with this, players will get the name tag of the season 19 ace title and the legendary team entrance impact The winner is the most elite in the game. Only the top 500 players on each server receive the title once they reach Ace level. In season 19, the tier award for the winner is the season 19 winner's frame, the season 19 winner's title tag, and the season 19 winner's title. With this, a player will also receive a Mythic Entry Effect and 2,000 Silver Tokens.

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