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What is the Best Time to Eat Fruits to Get Maximum Advantage

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away is the most common proverb. Eating fruits is no doubt a healthy habit that everyone needs to follow.

As fruits are filled with vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants, doctors always advise having fruits as a source of nourishment. But nowadays, there is misinformation circulated online about nutrition and healthy eating.

Many of us ponder which fruits to eat and when to eat them. For example, some people believe in having fruits early in the morning, on an empty stomach, while others prefer to eat them after a meal.

So, what is the proper time to have fruits?

In his recent Instagram reel video, Dr Achyuthan Eswar, a lifestyle physician, shared that fruits can be eaten at any time, during the day, as snacks, or as a meal, etc.

He recommends eating fruits before having every meal. In other words, to explain the strategy 'eat more, weigh less', he said that this process will fill your stomach and will also benefit you to consume fewer calories.

Dr Eswar also highlighted by captioning, 'two things matter'.

  1. Number of Fruits:
    The physician describes that eating less than three fruits can cause the risk of chronic diseases like strokes and other several health problems. In contrast, there is no added benefit if you eat more than three fruits a day.
  2. Eating fruits throughout the day:
    Additionally, he added that fruits in the morning keep you healthy only during that time. But, by evening, your antioxidant status may fall.

'If you're new to a plant-based diet, here's a super simple tip - start every meal with one or two fruits. This instantly makes every meal healthier,' he explained.
Specifically, he advised that you can also go for fruit salads, smoothies, date syrup desserts, dry fruit garnishes, dry fruit laddus, jackfruit kadubu, pineapple gojju, and apple pie. 'Fruits are one of the healthiest foods for you,' he concluded.

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