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Ark Fjordur Cactus Sap Farming Locations - Mera Avishkar

Where to Farm Sap in ARK Fjordur ... The first thing you want to do is head over to coordinates 45.4, 48.5. There, you can find lots of pine trees
Ark Fjordur Cactus Sap Farming Locations - Mera Avishkar

Where to Find Ovis in Arc Fjordur. Because of the raw mutton it produces, Ovis is a very sought after animal. However, locating them can be a bit difficult. Fortunately, there are several places in the Fjordur where they lay eggs.

it goes without saying that raw mutton is one of the best foods to feed to non-vegetarians during the taming phase. This can affect the overall efficacy of your taming process in addition to replenishing a creature's taming progress.

Because of this, breeding Ovis at your base is essential if you want to collect as much raw mutton as possible. This guide is for you if you don't know where to look.

Where to cultivate sap in ARK Fjordur.ARK. In ARK, sap is a resource that can be used for various purposes. If you're playing on the Fjordur you can fairly reliably collect sap from a certain location.

Juice is called for in many recipes, but especially Sweet Veggie Cakes and Superior Kibbles. Typically, tree sap must be collected over time using a tap to obtain the sap of a redwood tree.

On Fjordur, you can still get it done, but there's a new, far more efficient way of doing it. Let's explore the globe to see where you can find lots of sap.

In ARK Fjordur, where Can I Farm Sap?

Ark Fjordur Cactus Sap Farming Locations - Mera Avishkar

Get to the location at latitude and longitude 45.4 and 48.5 as soon as possible. There are many pine trees around here. However, those that have dead branches close to the bottom half are the ones you want to find.

Just harvest the trees as you go once you find them. For a more productive harvest, use a chainsaw. But if you don't have one yet, just use a regular metal pick. Keep in mind that these trees can appear randomly anywhere in the area, and that they are not always trees that release sap.

You can anticipate getting a lot of SAP resources for those, though.

Ovis Location In ARK Fjordur

Ark Fjordur Cactus Sap Farming Locations - Mera Avishkar

Ovis can be found in five different places. They are basically sheep-like creatures with large horns and a thick coat of fur, in case you haven't seen one before. Ovis usually roams in snow biomes or mountainous areas.The only issue is that dangerous monsters can be found there too. As a result, a small amount of luck may be required to find Ovis. Ideally, you should visit these places:

  • 16.3, 66.5
  • 21.9, 59.8
  • 45.0, 55.0
  • 42.5, 69.4
  • 95.4, 20.5

Once you locate an Ovis, you can capture it using a flyer like Argyi so that you can spawn it at your base. Alternatively, you can just slaughter it there and then if you want some quick raw mutton. Because of their low HP, they are relatively easy to hunt. Just be careful to keep an eye out for any potentially dangerous animals that may be nearby.

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