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Apply Now - Top 5 Start a Career United States Government & Private Jobs Online Form

Apply Now - Top 5 Start a Career United States Government & Private Jobs Online Form Apply

Apply Now - USA Start a Career United States Jobs -

01) Become a Youth Development Specialist to Start Your Career and Make a Difference

Your valuable life experiences could positively influence the direction of a young person.

This is your chance to be a role model and a champion for youth while making a difference and giving back to your community.

What we are looking for:

The New York City Administration for Children's Services is hiring compassionate, enthusiastic individuals to work with young people in our detention facilities. Working as a Youth Development Specialist, you would:

  • Provide safe and secure supervision and care to youth who are in secure juvenile detention
  • Serve as a role model, mentor and guide
  • Work as part of a team to support positive and healthy youth development
  • Manage conflict and youth behavior safely including using de-escalation and restraint techniques as necessary
  • Provide structure and engage youth in pro-social activities and behaviors
  • Support youth in their efforts to develop new social, academic and vocational skills and interests
  • Receive valuable training on building healthy relationships with youth and crisis prevention and management

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U.S. Border Patrol Is Hiring - Secure Your Future

02) Now Hiring: Border Patrol Agents and Processing Coordinators

Border Patrol Agent

**Effective Immediately** Newly appointed Border Patrol Agents who meet the criteria defined 5 CFR 575.102 for new federal employees will be offered a $5,000 recruitment incentive upon successful completion of the academy. Additionally, new agents assigned to a hard-to-fill duty location will be eligible for an additional $5,000 recruitment incentive (for a total of $10,000). Hard-to-fill locations include: Sierra Blanca, Texas; Presidio, 

Texas; Sanderson, Texas; Rocksprings, Texas; Comstock, Texas; Lordsburg, N.M.; Freer, Texas; Hebbronville, Texas; Ajo, Ariz. will be eligible for an additional $5,000 recruitment incentive (for a total of $10,000). All incentive recipients will be required to sign a one year service agreement.

Applicants who have received a tentative offer of employment and are currently in the pre-employment process and have not entered on duty do not need to reapply to be eligible for the recruitment incentive.

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California's Great America Job - Jobs In Great America Park -

03) Why We Love Working at California’s Great America:

  • Northern Cal’s premier amusement park.
  • Theme park and South Bay Shores waterpark.
  • On 100 acres for families and thrill-seekers.
  • Nine roller coasters.
  • World-class thrill rides.
  • Special seasonal events.
  • An inclusive and diverse environment.
  • Awesome careers happen here.
  • Awesome people belong here.

A seasonal job with us can help lead you to a successful future.

  1. That’s because you’ll have the chance to:
  2. Get real-world experience in how our business operates.
  3. Develop skills that look good on a resume or application.
  4. Interact with different people of all ages and backgrounds.
  5. Learn about cash handling, inventory, customer service,
  6. food preparation, safety and much, much more.
  7. Working with us is an opportunity that can pay off
  8. for years to come – with skills, knowledge, experiences
  9. and friends that can last a lifetime!

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Sales Recruiting University - Candidate Lead Generation -

04) Finally, The Right Solution For Your Recruiting Problems

We Will Recruit 5-15+ Commission Based Sales Reps For You Every Single Month So You Can Focus On Your Business. Stop Wasting Your Time With Bad Candidates Who Can't Close Deals. 

We’ll fix your ads, titles, descriptions, budget allocation, and help you 5-10 X the amount of candidates interested in your sales positions.

We'll help you eliminate the traditional phone interview process from recruiting, and streamline your interview screening and scheduling process.

We'll transition you to our proven 8-step group interview process and final interview process to ensure you close down the best candidates.

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Further your Education Career - Start Your Journey -

05) Alumni Spotlight: Randy Frazier (‘08), Assistant Principal of Instruction at Simon Gratz High School Mastery Charter

Left: Randy in his current role as Assistant Principal of Instruction at Simon Gratz High School.
Right: Randy with a fellow AmeriCorps member during the 2007-08 service year

At the beginning of the month, we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week and thanked our teachers for their challenging and essential work in educating, mentoring, and nurturing young people. In recognition of our incredible teachers, we’re excited to spotlight Randy Frazier (City Year Philly alum ‘08), who decided to pursue a career in education after his year of service as an AmeriCorps member at Kensington High School.

As a native Philadelphian, Randy grew up attending Philadelphia public schools and graduated from Jules E. Mastbaum Area Vocational/Technical High School in 2006, a CYP partner school at the time. Randy decided to take some time after high school to figure out what he wanted to do before pursuing his next step. 

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He spent a year working various jobs, and then applied to serve with City Year Philly during the 2007-08 school year, at 19 years old. Through the interview process, Randy felt a strong connection to CYP’s mission and values and decided to give the opportunity a chance—a decision that led to a lifelong career in education!

Read our Q&A with Randy to learn more about his experiences serving with City Year, his current role, his thoughts on education equity and creating a teacher pipeline, and more!

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