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Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-2 The Emperor's Quest [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD

Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-2 The Emperor's Quest [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD


After continuing their journey, Goku and Bulma go camping near Skull Valley. While Goku thinks they may be sleeping in a tent, Bulma extracts a capsule and builds a house, which Goku convinces to be a giant monster. He is also confused about many things inside like light and Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-2 TV.

Bulma notices that Goku smells bad, so she forces him to take a bath. While bathing him, he learns that Goku's tail is real and part of his body and that he has control over it due to the fact that he can scrub his back with it. After his bath, Bulma The Emperor's Quest [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD wonders about his tail to see if all people actually have tails and hides them, but Goku mentions that his grandfather Gohan didn't have one.

Bulma then decides to rest in the bubble bath but is doomed when Goku comes in and comments about helping him because he doesn't have a tail. Bulma is furious and when he runs away throws shampoo bottles and other things at him.

Japanese Name 👉 あらららー!タマがない!

Romaji name  👉 Arararaa! Tama ga Nai!

Literal Name  👉 What the...?! No Balls!

Season  👉 1

Saga  👉 No Balls! Sea Monkeys

Episode #  👉 2

Chapter counterpart  👉 Bloomers and the Monkey King

Japanese airdate  👉 March 5, 1986

English airdate  👉 September 16, 1995

Next episode  👉 TThe Nimbus Cloud of Roshi


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(👇The Emperor's Quest?👇)


Shu and Mai surrounded by wolves

Meanwhile, Emperor Pilaf is enjoying his huge dinner and torturing Shu, forcing him to pay for the passage of his own gas. He receives a message from Mai about a glow in Skull Valley that could be another Dragon Ball. The Emperor's Quest [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD Emperor Pilaf sent Shu and Mai to go and investigate the situation. Not liking Bulma's food, Goku decides to go in search of something to eat. Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-2 He stumbles into the exact same valley that Shu and Mai are patrolling, and crashes their plane out mistaking it for a bird. Once on the ground, the two soon learn that 'Glow' was actually the eye of all the wolves living in this valley.

Goku encounters a pack of wolves

Incidentally, Goku saves them by trying to grab some food for himself. He brings a skinned wolf and a centipede back to Bulma, who yells at him again to bring back something so disgusting, so Goku eats him out. Later, while Bulma is brushing his teeth, she asks Goku about his mother and father, The Emperor's Quest [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD Goku replies that he doesn't know about them, saying that his grandfather gave him a child. and decided to take her home with him. Goku falls asleep while Bulma is still talking to him which angers him.

Goku and Bulma meet the Turtle

In the morning, Goku is the first to wake up and decides to rest on Bulma's lap. When he discovers he has no bulge, he takes off his panties and says he has no "no balls". Bulma wakes up, having no idea what he means, and thinks someone stole the Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-2. While Goku gets tired of watching his hair brush, he goes out to train when he meets a strange visitor, a turtle. 

The tortoise says that it is lost to its owner, who lives by the beach. Bulma gives him some salt water to stop him and Goku offers to take him home, but Bulma tells him the beach is 100 miles out of their way. The Emperor's Quest [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD Goku doesn't mind and starts jogging in the street with the turtle on his back. Afraid to continue himself, Bulma chases Goku on his motorcycle.

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