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UK's Greatest Warship, HMS Sovereign of Ridges, Separates Not long after it Heads out for the US

UK's Greatest Warship, HMS Sovereign of Ridges, Separates Not long after it Heads out for the US

UK's Greatest Warship, HMS Sovereign of Ridges, Separates Not long after it Heads out for the US?

The UK's biggest warship, the HMS Prince of Wales, broke down off the southern coast of England shortly after it set sail for the US. This is the British Royal Navy's one of the two aircraft carriers.

A Royal Navy spokesman told Sky News the aircraft carrier was experiencing an "emerging mechanical problem". The matter is also being investigated. Click Here.

  HMS Prince of Wales, costing £3bn, became fully operational last year. The 65,000-ton battleship is now anchored southeast of the Isle of Wight as teams investigate.

  "HMS Prince of Wales remains in the South Coast Exercise Area investigating an emerging mechanical issue," a Royal Navy spokesman was quoted as saying by Avishkar News.

  The UK Defense Journal, a defense news website, said that HMS Prince of Wales damaged the starboard propeller shaft but those reports were not confirmed. Another website, Navy Lookout, said the aircraft carrier suffered a "significant technical fault".

  Commentators highlighted that it would be unfortunate for the Royal Navy if more issues of a serious nature emerge. More 

  HMS Prince of Wales departed Portsmouth on Saturday. It was headed for North America and the Caribbean coast from where it was expected to conduct stealth jet and drone exercises. The voyage - if it resumes - will see the aircraft carrier travel to New York, Halifax in Canada and the Caribbean.

  It will also conduct exercises on deck as well as with drones as well as fifth generation F-35 fast jets.

  “From operating the F35 Lightning and drones to hosting the Atlantic Future Forum, none of this would have been possible without the efforts of the amazing sailors on board, many of whom are on their first deployment with the Royal Navy,” said Commanding Officer, Capt. Richard Hewitt said in a statement before his departure.

  F-35 warplanes would have joined the ship after arriving in the United States. HMS Prince of Wales, who also heads a Carrier Task Group, is deployed with a frigate, tankers and an air group of helicopters and drones. Read 

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