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GoPro Hero11 Black vs. GoPro Hero11 Black Mini: Which is best for your next adventure?

GoPro Hero11 Black vs. GoPro Hero11 Black Mini: Which is best for your next adventure?
GoPro Hero11 Black vs. GoPro Hero11 Black Mini: Which is best for your next adventure?

(Picture credit: Tom's Aide)

  • GoPro Hero11 Black vs. GoPro Hero11 Black Mini: Which is best for your next adventure?

Which GoPro is best for you?

  • GoPro hero11 dark versus hero11 dark small
  • Our GoPro Hero11 Dark versus GoPro Hero11 Dark Small examination is here to assist you with concluding which activity camera is best for you.
Indeed, without precedent for an extended period of time, GoPro has two activity cameras available: The GoPro Hero11 Dark, and the GoPro Hero11 Dark Small. While the Hero11 Dark has a similar plan as last year's GoPro Hero10 Dark, the Hero11 Dark Little revives the more modest, squarer type of the GoPro Meeting, an activity camera the organization suspended after 2016.

So which camera is best for you? We separate the specs and highlights of each, so you can more readily pick which of the best move cameras you ought to make on your next experience.

GoPro Hero11 Dark versus Hero11 Dark Small scale: Cost

On the off chance that you don't have a GoPro membership, the Hero11 Dark will cost $499 and the Hero11 Dark Smaller than usual will cost $399. In the event that you truly do have a membership (which costs $50/year), the cost for each model drops by $100.

The Hero11 Dark is as of now accessible, while the Hero11 Dark Smaller than usual will go on special October 25.

GoPro Hero11 Dark versus Hero11 Dark Small scale: Specs

Hero 11 BlackHero 11 Black Mini
Size2.8 x 2 x 1.3 inches2.1 x 2 x 1.5 inches
Weight5.4 ounces4.7 ounces
Image sensor1/1.9-inch1/1.9-inch
Max video resolution5.3K/60 fps5.3K/60 fps
Battery1720 mAh1500 mAh
Display2.27 inchesnone

GoPro Hero11 Dark versus Hero11 Dark Smaller than normal: Plan

GoPro Hero11 Black vs. GoPro Hero11 Black Mini: Which
(Picture credit: Tom's Aide)

  • GoPro Legend 11 Dark screen
The clearest contrast is that the Hero11 Dark is bigger and heavier than the Hero11 Dark Scaled down. Likewise, there's no back show on the Little, however there is a little readout close to the camera's Record button. To change any of the Smaller than expected's settings, you'll need to do it by means of the GoPro Quik application.

In contrast to the more seasoned Meeting, where the camera focal point involved the whole front of the camera, the Hero11's camera just takes up a side of the front. There's likewise just a single button on the Small scale — an enormous Record button on the top (the Hero11 Dark has a Power and a Record button). The Smaller than normal is intended to be in a kind of "prepared" state — simply press Record, and the camera will turn on and begin taping.

The Dark Smaller than usual (2.1 x 2 x 1.5 inches) is a similar level as the Dark (2.8 x 2 x 1.3 inches) and marginally thicker, but on the other hand it's smaller. The Small is likewise lighter, at 4.7 ounces to the Dark's 5.4 ounces. That is a sorry distinction — the old Meeting cameras tipped the scales at around 2.6 ounces — yet on your head, every last piece counts.

While more modest than the Dark, the Small scale is still without a doubt bigger than the long-ceased GoPro Meeting 5, which estimated 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.4 inches.

GoPro Hero11 Dark smaller than normal

Cunningly, the Scaled down likewise has the GoPro mounting "fingers" on both the base and back, which ought to give you more choices while joining it to a protective cap, or to probably the best GoPro extras. Nonetheless, on the grounds that the Smaller than expected is more up to date, at this point there are no "Mods" accessible — the extra cases from GoPro that give you a superior mouthpiece, for example.

While we haven't gotten an opportunity to go involved with it yet, by the vibes of the pictures, the back of the Little could get a piece hot. It has balances, which would show that it's utilized as an intensity sink, and there's an advance notice mark that the back can get hot.

GoPro Hero11 Dark versus Hero11 Dark Small scale: Video and photograph capacities

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In spite of their contrasting sizes, both the Hero11 Dark and Hero11 Dark Small scale have a similar picture sensor, a 27-megapixel 1/1.9-inch sensor with a 8:7 perspective proportion, the biggest to date on any GoPro camera. In that capacity, the two cameras can record video at 5.3K/60 fps, as well as 4K/120 fps and 2.7K/240 fps.

In any case, just the Hero11 Dark allows you physically to change the openness, and it alone has a burst photograph and night photograph mode.

  • Since the two cameras can likewise utilize GoPro's Maximum Focal point mod, which gives a much more extensive field of view.

GoPro Hero11 Dark versus Hero11 Dark Smaller than expected: Highlights

GoPro Hero11 Black vs. GoPro Hero11 Black Mini: Which

Generally, the Hero11 Dark and the Hero11 Dark Smaller than normal have similar capabilities, however there are a couple of different things you get with the Dark that you don't get with the Little.

First of all, the Small scale needs planned catch, so you can't program it to turn on at a predetermined time. It's a helpful element if you have any desire to record star trails, yet don't have any desire to keep awake until 3 AM to turn the camera on. Likewise, just the Dark has Length catch and Knowing the past mode, a valuable component in the event that you assume you missed something.

The other enormous element found on the Dark that is not on the Small scale is webcam mode. As individuals began to telecommute during the pandemic and webcams were hard to come by, GoPro refreshed the firmware for its cameras so you can involve a GoPro as a webcam. While webcam mode will be accessible for the Hero11 Dark, it's not accessible for the Smaller than usual.

GoPro Hero11 Dark versus Hero11 Dark Smaller than expected: Battery duration

The Hero11 Dark accompanies a removable 1720mAh battery that the organization says will get you as long as 80 minutes of recording 5.3K/30 fps, and 137 minutes of 1080p recording time.

By examination (and need), the Scaled down has a more modest 1500 mAh battery that is nonremovable. GoPro says that you ought to expect around 10-15 percent less runtime than the Hero10 Dark, so you ought to expect about an hour out of the Small scale.

GoPro Hero11 Dark versus Hero11 Dark Scaled down: What's best for you?

While we presently can't seem to test the GoPro Hero11 Dark Scaled down, our own encounters for our GoPro Hero11 Dark survey would demonstrate that the Smaller than expected will perform similarly well. Thus, whether you settle on the Small or the Dark will eventually come down to how you intend to utilize the camera.

Without a doubt, the Hero11 Dark Scaled down isn't too a lot lighter than the Hero11 Dark — we're talking a distinction of 0.7 ounces — however its more modest size and double mounting focuses ought to improve it appropriate for caps. Notwithstanding, in the event that your requirements go past activity shots — if, for instance, you anticipate shooting a great deal of star trails — then, at that point, the Hero11 Dark is the most ideal choice.

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