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Cricket live updates: Babar Azam blasts Pakistan to dominant Twenty20 tri-series

Cricket live updates: Babar Azam blasts Pakistan to dominant Twenty20 tri-series The Pakistan win by six wickets Blackcaps has been exhaustively
Cricket live updates Babar Azam blasts Pakistan to dominant Twenty20 tri-series

The Pakistan win by six wickets Blackcaps has been exhaustively outplayed by Pakistan in their Twenty20tri-series nature against Pakistan, falling to a six-gate loss at Christchurch on Saturday. The excursionists produced a ruthlessly clinical performance with both club and ball to ease to an eventually straightforward palm- their alternate in as numerous days, after soundly beating Pakistan win by six wickets Bangladesh on Friday.

Following a largely disciplined bowling display during which they- incredibly- did not concede any ball or a wide in confining the Kiwis to147/8, captain Babar Azam lived up to his character with a masterful unbeaten 79 runs off 53 balls to ease his platoon to the finish line.

Maybe the story may have been slightly different if Glenn Phillips- generally one of the Blackcaps' sharpest fielders had not shelled an easy catch off the bowling of Tim Southee when Babar only had 27 runs to his name. Either way, Pakistan deserved victors on a night of veritably many highlights for the New Zealanders.

Babar Azam blasts Pakistan to dominant Twenty20 tri-series

After winning the toss and taking to address, the hosts made a sedate launch to their innings.
After Allen departed beforehand, Devon Conway and Kane Williamson enthralled the crinkle and ticked runs over but plodded to find the rope against a largely disciplined Pakistan attack.
Re Their 61- run cooperation came to an end when Williamson( 31 off 30 balls) was sailed and Conway( 36 off 35) followed snappily latterly, with the NZ total mooching at77/2 after 12 overs.
Apprehensive they demanded to step on the gas, the appearance of Mark Chapman briefly gave the innings the motivation it demanded.

Taking his occasion in the place of the injured Daryl Mitchell, Chapman slammed four boundaries in a 22- run 15th over by Nawaz, appearing- in tandem with Phillips- to give New Zealand the upper hand. But that instigation was short-lived. Phillips( 18) drilled out in the face of some tight blockhole bowling before a brilliant 19th over from Rauf saw three lattices fall- including the crucial crown of Chapman( 32 off 16)- at the cost of just five runs.

The Blackcaps limped through to the end of their innings, managing just 10 runs through the last two overs. The Pakistan openers got their chase off to a promising launch. Babar showed his class with some early boundaries, getting an early reprieve courtesy of that rare squandered occasion by ace fielder Phillips.

Cricket live updates: Babar Azam blasts Pakistan to dominant Twenty20 tri-series That pain was eased when Mohammad Rizwan( 4) was trapped LBW by Tim Southee just two deliveries latterly. Blair Tickner struck again the coming over, producing a thunderbolt that Masood punctured through to wicketkeeper Conway Promoted up the order, Shadab Khan gestured his intent with a crushing backfoot drive for four and snappily assured his platoon was back on track and ahead of the eight ball. Spinner Ish Sodhi was on the entering end, with a 16- run rush in the eight over setting the tone for the rest of the innings.

Live Updates: 20 International Tri-Series of the Blackcaps and Pakistan - Christchurch
Blackcaps to play it safe with Lockie Ferguson with Twenty20 World Cup brewing
The Blackcaps are taking a conservative approach with the fitness of quick bowler Lockie Ferguson, cautious of any injuries as the Twenty20 World Cup in Australia fast approaches.

Ferguson, 31, has been named in the Blackcaps' 15- man team to travel for the World Cup latterly this month but trainer Gary Stead before this week revealed New Zealand's fastest bowler is battling an abdominal concern. Another injury would be a cruel twist for Ferguson, who was ruled out of last time's T20 World Cup in the UAE with a shin injury. In Ferguson's absence, the Blackcaps still reached the final of the 2021 event, losing to Australia.

But with the redundant pace Ferguson offers, vantage said every necessary palladium will be taken to insure he is fit for the World Cup which the Blackcaps begin when they face Australia on Sunday, October 22 " Lockie's just got a little ab injury, at the moment," vantage said." We are just managing( him) through that The important thing for us is we get to the launch of the World Cup and Lockie's ready to go.

  1. " He is a veritably important cog in our bowling lineup and, unfortunately for him, missed last time's World Cup nearly a time ago now with the injury he'd also.
  2. " We are aware of it, we have got to make sure we want him right and ready for those early games in the World Cup."

In the meantime, vantage said Ferguson could play little part in the Blackcaps' T20tri-series with Pakistan and Bangladesh " There's that chance," vantage added." We will just see how he responds to treatment over the coming many days."

Ferguson is not the only Blackcap under concern at the moment either, after Daryl Mitchell suffered a shattered hand in training on Friday. The Blackcaps begin their series against Pakistan in Christchurch on Saturday, who defeated Bangladesh by 21 runs in the opening match on Friday.

Pakistan149/4( Target 148)

  • Pakistan palm by six lattices
1st over Boult to open the bowling. Maiden to start.

2nd over-Southee:- to the crinkle. Both batsmen are off the mark with their mates. Azam edges wide of slip for the first boundary.

3rd over Babar cuts Boult for four. Follows that with a gorgeous cover drive that races down for four further. Leans back and ramps Boult down to the third man for four further. 16 off the over.
4th over-Tickner into the attack. Full toss dispatched consequently by Babar for four. Six off the over, Pakistan is off to a tidy launch.

  • Mohammad Rizwan lbw b Southee 4( 12b 0x4 0x6)
5th over-Southee:- continues. Dropped! Do not see that too frequently from Phillips, one of NZ's stylish fielders. Ran to his right but it was enough straightforward. Babar is not the batsman you want to give life to. OUT- Southee raps Rizwan back on his crinkle, LBW given. Rizwan wants to review. Trackers show the ball-trimming leg refuse. Shadab Khan signs his intent with a belting backfoot drive for four.

  • Shan Masood c Conway b Tickner 0( 2b 0x4 0x6)
6th over:- OUT- Thunderbolt from Tickner and Masood gets a faint edge through to wicketkeeper Conway. Two quick strikes for the Blackcaps.

7th over Neesham:- up for his first over. Babar with a thick edge for four.

8th over-Ish:- Sodhi into the attack. The first ball is guided down the leg for four by Babar. Six! Shadab Khan hammers Sodhi off one knee over mid-on and clears the rope by an afar, nearly out of the ground. crazy misfield by Phillips overran it and the ball runs down for four. 16 runs off the over, Pakistan is rolling then.

9th over- Neesham:- continues. Pakistan patiently works the gaps. Six off the over.

10th over-Sodhi:- again. Shadab hoists the incentive back over his head for six.

11th over Fifty:- up for Babar, superb knock. Comes from just 33 balls with seven boundaries. Bracewell's first over costs six runs.

12th over-Southee:- back into the attack. NZ need lattices, that is their only stopgap then. successive wides will not help. Shadab plays a deft ramp shit to the fine leg boundary, Conway does really well to sprint back 50 meters, slide, and use his bottom to stop the ball from hitting the rope. Do not see that every day.

  1. Nawaz is off the mark with a slick square drive for four.
  • Shadab Khan c Southee b Tickner 34( 22b 2x4 2x6)
13th over-Spectacular:- dive on the boundary to save four by Phillips, who is had an off night by his high norms. OUT- Shadab Khan departs after skying one to point. An important inning comes to an end.

14th over- Neesham reverse:-. Nawaz crunches one behind point for four. Ten off the over.

15th over:- Back to Boult does Williamson. However, you just noway know, If they can put the clamps on for a couple of overs and take a gate. Babar swipes at a high bouncer gets a thick edge and it runs down for four. Decent over either way for NZ, just five from it.

16th over-Southee:- continues. Babar caught on the pads, cry goes up bt sounded to be drifting down the leg. Williamson throws a Hail Mary review at it, and does not come off. Tidy over, five runs from it.
  • Mohammad Nawaz c Conway b Boult 16( 19b 2x4 0x6)
17th over-Boult:-  to drift out. Just one run off his first three balls. Another fleck, just a bit of pressure starting to make now. OUT- Nawaz skies one to the keeper, end of a scratchy knock and Pakistan will presumably be pleased to see another batsman at the crinkle at this stage.

18th over Babar slams:-  Tickner over midwicket to ease some pressure for four. Bang! Goes again, and they should waltz home from then. expensive defeat. Six! Haider blasts his first ball over square leg. Haider wallops another one for four, they want to close this one out now. 19 off the over.

19th over Sodhi:- in for what will be the final over. Babar closes us out with a boundary and that is all she wrote.  Clinical staff from Pakistan. Check out highlights and a full serape then.

Devon Conway c Haider Ali b Mohammad Nawaz 36( 35b 2x4 2x6)

1st over Rauf:- to Allen to get us started. Allen advances alternate ball and punches overmid-off for four.

2nd over Dahani's:- first ball is poor, guided fine for four by Allen. A lovely late cut follows for successive boundaries.
  • Finn Allen c & b Mohammad Wasim 13( 8b 3x4 0x6)
3rd over-Wasim:- into the attack. Allen gets down with an edge and runs through the vacant first slip for a single. OUT- Allen tries to pull a ball that was too full, skies an easy catch for the bowler to collect.

4th over-Conway:- charges and cocklofts Dahani over cover for four. Six off the over.

5th over- Wasim:- again. Williamson finds the boundary for the first time with a well-timed pull shot.

6th over Rauf:- takes the ball. Slow launch for NZ, could be time to put the bottom down a little. Dicey single-taken, direct megahit would've transferred Williamson on his way, rather it runs down for four defeats.

7th over Shadab Khan:- in for the first over of spin. Slick running handling between the lattices from this brace, but just four off the over.

8th over Iftikhar:- in with some further off-spin. Williamson attempts to drive and gets a thick edge, falls just short of the backward point. Following that with a deft reverse reach, they cash in with two runs.

9th over Nawaz:- continues the spin descent. Pakistan really keeping the clamps on then, three overs without a boundary for NZ off the club. That'll help! Conway uses his bases and blasts, Nawaz, back over his head for the first six of the game.

10th over Conway slams Shadab:- over mid-on, fielder takes the catch but he has two bases over the rope, that is another six. 50- run cooperation over. More couple of overs for the hosts. Time for some drinks. The batsmen may prefer a mug of tea at these temperatures. The 703 pm Nothing but blue sky in Garden City but there is a definite nip in the air. chorales are underway, we'll be into the action veritably shortly.

11th over-Nawaz:- continues. Couple of runs OK down the leg. Look out, we have got a band. That is a stalwart man getting naked in these conditions, not to mention the egregious. Conway drops to a knee and sweeps one brio into the hedge. OUT- Conway goes high and wide over mid-wicket and it's comfortably taken on the boundary.

12th over- Shadab:- again. Phillips snappily off the mark with a single. Just five off the over.

13th over-Nawaz:- to drift. Phillips strikes a couple of clean balls deep but picks out the fielder on both occasions. OUT- Williamson swings and misses, big heave across the line ends an out-of-sync innings from the commander.

  • Kane Williamson b Mohammad Nawaz 31( 30b 1x4 0x6)
14th over:- Time to up the figure than for the Blackcaps. That three-run over is not ideal.

15th over:- Chapman has had enough, plunders Shadab high and handsome over mid-on for six. Six further! The mistimed pull is hit hard enough to still clear the rope. Chapman makes it three straight boundaries in the over, flat batons over the medial gate, and also goes four again! Pulls a terrible ball to the ropes. Huge over for NZ, they demanded that. 22 runs from it.

16th over:- Suddenly this NZ innings looks in much better shape. Phillips charges, and does; t relatively pick it up but the placement is great, four further through midwicket. 11 of the Rauf over.

  • Glenn Phillips c Asif Ali b Shahnawaz Dahani 18( 17b 1x4 0x6)
Neesham opens his account with four runs through the cover. They'll need him to fire in these final three. Two off the final ball but the over costs just six runs.

17th over:- Three runs off the first three balls by Wasim. Hitting his areas effectively. Superb over, five runs off it.

18th over:- OUT- Phillips absolutely creams a cut shot but it goes right down the throat of Asif Ali at a backward point.
  • Mark Chapman c Mohammad Wasim b Haris Rauf 32( 16b 3x4 2x6)
OUT- Chapman holes out to deep midwicket, three lattices in the over for Rauf. Brilliant stuff. Chapman swings hard, slightly edgy but it runs to the third man for four.

  • Michael Bracewell lbw b Haris Rauf 0( 1b 0x4 0x6)
OUT- Two in two balls for Pakistan. Bracewell looks to play a premeditated ramp shot but is caught on his pads, looks on the plutocrat and the arbiter agree. Bracewell reviews but that are easily out.
  • Ish Sodhi b Mohammad Wasim 2( 3b 0x4 0x6)
19th over- Rauf:- to coliseum the penultimate over. OUT- sailed him! Collects the top of Neesham's off refuse. Sodhi sneaks a single to deny Rauf a chapeau trick.

  • James Neesham b Haris Rauf 5( 6b 1x4 0x6)
INNINGS BREAK-Fantastic trouble by the Pakistan bowlers. Their Kiwi counterparts have a huge task ahead to defend this score.

20th over- Wasim:- into coliseum the final over. OUT- Sodhi drags one onto his middle refuse.
Wasim closes out a five-run, gate over to complete excellent bowling trouble by Pakistan.

  • 652 pm Then is your Blackcaps XI for this evening's contest
New Zealand Devon Conway, Martin Guptill, Kane Williamson, Glenn Phillips, Michael Bracewell, Mark Chapman, James Neesham, Tim Southee, Trent Boult, Blair Tickner, Ish Sodhi

Now 645 pm The Blackcaps have won the toss and chosen to the club.
Kia ora and welcome to our live updates of the Blackcaps'tri-series nature against Pakistan from Christchurch's graphic Hagley Oval With the T20 World Cup incontinently on the horizon, the quickfire event serves as a precious final warm-up for both sides, as they close out their medications before heading across the Tasman.

Pakistan is just 24 hours removed from a comfortable palm over Bangladesh in the first game of the series, although they will not be satisfied with their fairly lackluster performance with the club on a night when their bowlers bailed them out Meanwhile, the Blackcaps will be eager to fire a warning shot across the arc of their competition with a clinical performance in front of their home suckers Apropos, the last time these two sides met was at last time's T20 World Cup when Pakistan prevailed by four lattices at Sharjah.

  1. Now Join us for all of the action from 7 pm.
  2. New TAB Laying odds
  3. This is New Zealand-$1.57 Pakistan-$2.23
Blackcaps Kane Williamson( c), Finn Allen, Trent Boult, Michael Bracewell, Mark Chapman, Devon Conway( wk), Lockie Ferguson, Martin Guptill, Adam Milne, Daryl Mitchell, James Neesham, Glenn Phillips, Mitchell Santner, Ish Sodhi, Tim Southee

Pakistan Babar Azam( c), Shadab Khan( VC), Shaheen Afridi, Iftikhar Ahmed, Asif Ali, Haider Ali, Mohammad Hasnain, Shan Masood, Mohammad Nawaz, Usman Qadir, Haris Rauf, Mohammad Rizwan( wk), Khushdil Shah, Naseem Shah, Mohammad Wasim

The Blackcaps bowlers were suitable to decelerate the run rate and nab a couple of late lattices but not enough to ever authentically jeopardize the Pakistan chase, as their captain assured they cruised to the NZ aggregate in the penultimate over The hosts will be back in action against Bangladesh hereafter night at the same venue. Blackcaps147/8( Conway 36, Chapman 32, Kane Williamson 31; Haris Rauf3/28, Mohammad Wasim2/20) lost to Pakistan149/4( Babar Azam 79 *, Shadab Khan 34, Blair Tickner2/42) by six lattices.

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