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Gitesh singla - 15 year old boy making 4 Lakh Per Month By Web Story & Blogging How to know

Gitesh singla - 15 year old boy making 4 Lakh Per Month By Web Story & Blogging How to know
Gitesh singla - 15 year old boy making 4 Lakh Per Month By Web Story & Blogging How to know

  • Gitesh singla - 15 year old boy making 4 Lakh Per Month By Web Story & Blogging

Gitesh was a small boy who used to scold the house but now he has grown from small to big, earning millions at the age of 15. This boy's name is Gitesh singla and this boy is 15 years old. At the age of reading and writing, it earns two to four lakhs every month, at such a young age is blogging using his brain.

Like this, ordinary young children think about jumping to play, but this child can be experienced in a different way. Along with his studies, he works on blogging on his website and writes blogging on Time Stories and makes 2 to 4 lakhs every month. Along with this, it also teaches others how to do blogging and (Gitesh Singla) also has a YouTube channel which is about to have 8k to 9000 subscribers

If we talk about its brain, then its brain is much faster than ordinary children, which you cannot imagine, it works on blogging as well as on its website, so that it can do both things at once. Is.

And it works on the website in such a way as to write an article or publish it by making a baby story and Gitesh Singla is being interviewed on many youtube right now and you are inquiring how it works. 

How much money did Gitesh earn by blogging in the first month?

That's what is asking on youtube. How do you do all this at such a young age, then who (Gitesh Singla) told that this one earns money from blogging and at the same time it teaches others how to earn this money Like Gitesh told that he had earned $5000 dollars in the first month. In just 1 month, that too by making a web story.

If you want to earn money by making a website like ( Gitesh Singla ), then I will give you some links from which you can start earning money by creating your own website.

You can learn a lot in the link of the website I have given below and how to do monetization from making a website. I have told everything.

How do I create a website?

If you follow what I have told you below, then you can create a website of your own, from which you can earn a lot of money, after writing post articles by creating your own website.

How To Setup My First Website Full Guide

  •  Setup Your First Website Guide - Blogger And WordPress

If you follow this page by going to the link which I have given you above, then you can create your own website. And by creating a website, you too can start earning money like ( Gitesh Singla )

You may need domain and hosting to build a website. If you do not have money, then you can use free hosting like in Blogger Blogger you can write articles for free and after writing articles you can start earning from that too.

Which I have given you link above. If you follow this link correctly then you can make your website properly. If you do even a small repair, then you will not be able to create your website, due to which you will have trouble later and your time will also be wasted.

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