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Jose Ramirez 2-run homer sends Guardians past Rays in AL opener 2022 Now

CLEVELAND — When the Cleveland Guardians demanded a response after Tampa Bay took a 1- 0 lead in Game 1 of their AL Wild Card series on Friday, it was
Jose Ramirez 2-run homer sends Guardians past Rays in AL opener 2022 Now

  • Jose Ramirez's 2-run homer sends Guardians past Rays in AL opener

Oct. 7, 2022, at 231p.m. CLEVELAND( AP) — José Ramírez connected for a two-run homer, Shane Bieber dominated Tampa Bay for72/3 innings and the youthful Cleveland Guardians played with poise in their postseason debut, beating the shafts 2- 1 in the wild-card nature on Friday. 

CLEVELAND — When the Cleveland Guardians demanded a response after Tampa Bay took a 1- 0 lead in Game 1 of their AL Wild Card series on Friday, it was no surprise that each-Star third baseman Jose Ramirez was The boy will come by. He has done it all time. 
" He's necessary," the cleveland indians baseball winning ewer Shane Bieber told the Guardians after the 2- 1 palm." To do it incontinently, was huge. I tête-à-tête know that any ewer will tell you." 
Ramirez converted 88 mph for a home run of 2 runs at the bottom of the sixth inning on Friday until Jose Siri gave Rez the lead at the top of the innings. Response completed. 

" Yeah, that( answer) came to my mind, but we have a really good platoon, so I knew we were able of coming back," Ramírez said through the platoon practitioner." When it came off the club I allowed  Cleveland guardians it was a homer, but with this season you noway know, and when I saw the center fielder trying to climb the wall, I was kind of upset and I was a bit My pace got faster( on grounds)." 
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Ramirez, fur right-handed, went deep into a contrary field off shafts starter Shane McClanahan's delivery as the home crowd lined up for the addict fave. The Guardians' stylish player scored 29 regular-season home runs, but his director is most impressed when he is not trying to hit them. 
" I know he was scoring 29( in the regular season), and everybody wanted it- and I understand why they want him to score 30," said Terry Francona."  Cleveland guardians tickets 2022 But he hit a double the other way around. He had a bunch of successes that kept the ball going through. The balls would just go out because he is a really good megahit." 
McClanahan left the pitch after dismissing Ramirez at the change-up for his first two times at the plate. 


" That was my plan, just look for that change," he said." They got me with the same pitch doubly. Because it's a really good pitch. It really looks like a fastball. So I was just sitting on that pitch and I was trying not to do too important, just put it on the opposing side. The field and I was suitable to get good contact on that."
The home run supported Bieber's astral spin as he lasted7.2 innings, delivering only three successes from eight. He will not commit to having his stylish spin of the time, but considering what's at stake, it'll be hard to find a better one. The Guardians can win the stylish of three series with a palm on Saturday. 
 Bieber said the crowd gave him some important- demanded adrenaline. cleveland guardians tom hanks It was just a lot of fun there," Bieber said." I was not eyeless to the fact that there were a lot of people pulling in for us, pulling us to come out there with a palm. So we will not take it smoothly and that is what we do for it." 
 The game lasted just 217 on a cold and cloudy day in Cleveland. It was decided by home runs- by two brigades not known to have hit them. 
" Two home runs, his and ours," said Francona." Or we would still be playing because both ewers were( good), I mean, their joe was really good." 

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