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Portugal v Switzerland preview: Can Ronaldo answer the doubters with his performance?

Portugal v Switzerland preview: Can Ronaldo answer the doubters with his performance?
Cowboys outclass Colts 54-19 with a 33-point fourth quarter.

As long as it is a Portuguese game, Ronaldo will receive the most attention; even though the turmoil with Manchester United ended with a breakup, Ronaldo is still the most talked about player during the World Cup.

For example, some media revealed that Juventus owed Ronaldo a salary of 19.9 million euros; another example is the Saudi club, which offered Portugal an annual salary of 200 million euros. . . Of course, at this stage, Portugal energy will be fully devoted to the national team; but Ronaldo, who actually played well in the first two games of the group stage, has also aroused doubts about his performance in the national team.

After the Portuguese team ensured the first place in the group and deliberately "released water" to give three points to their old friend Bento, the Korean media, who did not know what to do, also satirized Ronaldo as the "biggest contributor" to the promotion of the Korean team; That verbal conflict was also magnified by public opinion.

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While the foreign media attacked Ronaldo, the Portuguese media did not remain idle. They not only made a fuss about Ronaldo's displeased expression when he was replaced in South Korea, but also used the camera to interpret what Ronaldo expressed to Santos after he went down. There is also a Portuguese media poll on "Whether Ronaldo should continue to start in the national team", and more than 70% of the fans voted for it. . .

When the Portuguese media are already maliciously consuming Portugal v Switzerland preview, Ronaldo's public opinion environment is really a bit "embarrassed". As long as it is related to Ronaldo, it will basically be interpreted maliciously.

But will this situation affect Ronaldo? Logically speaking, it shouldn't be. Given the public opinion environment he has faced these years, perhaps he has long been used to it.

Portugal v Switzerland preview Ronaldo

Portugal v Switzerland preview
Portugal v Switzerland preview: Can answer the doubters with his performance?

And Ronaldo, who is caught in the whirlpool of public opinion, really won't start the game in the Portuguese team? The answer is of course no. Previously in Portugal, many former international players and coaches stood up and said that Ronaldo should still start in the national team; and this idea was also recognized by coach Santos. A number of Portuguese media have confirmed that Portugal v Switzerland preview will definitely continue to start the game against Switzerland.

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As long as Portugal is on the field, the first thing the outside world cares about is whether Ronaldo can score goals; especially after Messi scored his ninth goal in the World Cup, everyone will pay attention to whether Portugal v Switzerland preview, who has scored 8 goals, can catch up .

In an interview with the media, Switzerland's offensive core Shaqiri and main center Embolo both expressed their respect for Portugal; but in the pre-match press conference, Swiss coach Jakin was asked about Ronaldo. When the question was asked, it was clearly stated that Portugal v Switzerland preview would not make a defensive plan specifically.

Even though these remarks do not mean disrespecting Portugal, Yakin's statement has already implied that Portugal is no longer Portugal's better player. The dual-core drive of Fei B and Seat B may be what Yajin pays more attention to.

Portugal v Switzerland preview: Can Ronaldo answer the doubters with his performance?
Portugal v Switzerland preview: Can naldo answer the doubters with his performance?

And in June of this year, Portugal played against Switzerland in the UEFA Europa League (played two games); Portugal v Switzerland preview played one of those two games; Portugal beat Switzerland 4-0 in Ronaldo's game, Portugal I scored twice. Of course, in the game where Portugal beat Switzerland, Switzerland only played 4 main players; on the other hand, in the game where Switzerland won, Portugal also only played 4 main players. . .

When the two sides played against each other in the UEFA Nations League twice, they used the main team to play the opponent's substitute. Now the strongest lineups of the two sides collide directly. Obviously, this will be a completely different contest from the UEFA Europa League; With an outstanding performance in the Swiss game, helping the team advance, to fight back a series of doubts in recent times?

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