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Minecraft Snapshot 23w07a is out; Cherry blossom biome added! Check how to download

Minecraft Snapshot 23w07a is out; Cherry blossom biome added! Check how to download
Minecraft Snapshot 23w07a is out; Cherry blossom biome added! Check how to download

The Minecraft Snapshot 23w07a is finally out. Yesterday, Mojang released the snapshot, which makes more adjustments to the current game as well as adding new features and fixing bugs. The major update 1.20, which is slated to release in the summer, is being prepared with these weekly snapshots. Meanwhile, players get a preview of the unnamed major update with some really cool new additions.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w07a The snapshots play the role of teasers which are likely to excite the players about the upcoming features and also let the developers test out various features so they can tweak them accordingly. So, let us check out what's new in this snapshot.

What's new in the Minecraft Snapshot 23w07a

The Sniffer, Archaeology, and Cherry Blossom biomes are being released this week as experimental features for the 1.20 update, according to a blog post from Minecraft. Interaction Entities as well as updates to jukeboxes and horse breeding are included in the 1.19.4 release's changes.

What's new in the Minecraft Snapshot 23w07aINFO
Version new
RequiredAndroid 5.0+
What's new in the Minecraft Snapshot 23w07a

The existence of the Cherry Blossom biome in update 1.20 has now been officially confirmed by this snapshot. The biome comes with pretty cherry blossom trees. The biome can be found in the mountains, like the Meadows.

Minecraft Snapshot 23w07a Design-wise, the biome will feature Pink Petals blocks with lots of pink flowers on the ground. Additionally, Cherry wood can be gathered by players and used to create new materials. Reviewers rave for ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ video game despite backlash

Another big addition to the game is the Archeology feature. There are four new items that are coming to the game with this feature. First is the brush which is a craftable item you can use to brush things. Second is suspicious sand which can be found in Desert Temples and Desert Wells. Brushing the Suspicious Sand with a Brush will extract objects that were buried long ago

Pottery shards with images on them make up the third item. They cannot be crafted and are only found by brushing Suspicious Sand. Last but not least, combining four Pottery Shards will result in a Decorated Pot with a picture on each side. Take part in the latest PUBG Mobile Community event and win free UC

Last but not least, the game now includes the Sniffer mob. The Rascal and Tuff Golem were defeated by it in Minecraft Live 2022's Mob vote. It is the first ancient mob to be added to the game. You cannot tempt or subdue these passively friendly mobs. They sniff the air and occasionally dig for seeds.

Apart from this, minor changes and bug fixes were also added in this update.

Minecraft Update: How to download Snapshot 23w07a

1. Go to the official game launcher.

2. Open the drop-down menu right next to the ‘Play' button.

3. You should be able to find ‘Snapshot 23w07a' written there.

4. Select it and hit ‘Play'. The game launcher will automatically download it for you.

5. Create a new world to test out the new features. Do not do it in an existing world because if the file is incompatible, it will corrupt your existing game.

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