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(NEW STATE Mobile) Krafton shares updates on Twitter's API changes

(NEW STATE Mobile) Krafton shares updates on Twitter's API changes

Krafton provides updates on Twitter's API changes in his NEW STATE Mobile x Twitter login post. Although specifics have not yet been revealed, Twitter recently announced that the fee-based policy would change.

In order to prevent anything from affecting your gaming experience, Krafton is constantly checking Twitter for the precise contents of the change and is also making preparations for any potential problems. Check out New State Mobile's x Twitter Login for additional information and the policy's impact. For future updates on New State Mobile, follow

Krafton shares updates on Twitter's API changesINFO
Version new
RequiredAndroid 5.0+
Krafton shares updates on Twitter's API changes

As part of a precautionary measure, for those who are using New State with only a Twitter-linked account, we are recommending you link with additional social platforms as well. (Google, Facebook, Apple ID). Even if you can’t proceed with linking other social platforms to your account, we’re preparing so that you can still use our game.

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NEW STATE Mobile x Twitter Login: Krafton shares updates on Twitter’s API changes

Although there may be a temporary login issue with Twitter-linked accounts due to Twitter's policy changes, please see the section below on "how to link additional social accounts" to link.

How to link additional social accounts

  • Touch […] in the upper right corner of the lobby > Touch [SETTINGS]
  • In the [BASIC] tab, check linked platforms for whichever platforms you’d like to link (Facebook, Google, Apple) and touch

Twitter delayed the release date of the new API platform. However, regardless of any changes in Twitter policy, linking and logging in to your New State account will remain free of charge. As a result, there is going to be no problem with using Twitter-linked accounts. So please refer to it when using the game.

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