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Skylights Gaming Bids Farewell To Their PUBG New State Roster

Skylights Gaming Bids Farewell To Their PUBG New State Roster
Skylights Gaming Bids Farewell To Their PUBG New State Roster

Skylights Gaming parted ways with their PUBG New State Mobile team on February 1, 2023. This move came after the team placed sixth in the Snapdragon Pro Series. Skylights Gaming praised the team on social media for their effort and devotion and expressed its appreciation for their shared experiences and memories.

They also made it clear that their quest was far from over and urged viewers to check back for more information. Regarding this, a number of speculations indicate that a fresh LAN event associated with the game will be hosted in a few weeks. There is, therefore, a high likelihood that a new roster for PUBG New State will be announced shortly.

Skylights Gaming’s PUBG New State Roster

The PUBG New State roster comprising Dagger, Cobra, and Criminal was signed by Skylightz Gaming in November 2022. The team has had several accomplishments to its name but has also seen a lot of lows. The squad had a successful start in comparatively smaller competitions and finished second in the BloodThirst New State tournament.

PUBG New State RosterINFO
Version 2.5.0new
RequiredAndroid 5.0+
Skylights Gaming Bids Farewell To Their PUBG New State Roster

The team’s success suffered a setback in the TEC PUBG New State Mobile Open, where they battled against tough competition and placed ninth overall. Team S8UL won the LAN competition, with Enigma and Gods Reign taking the second and third spots. The team lacked experience going into the Snapdragon Invitational and appeared out of place. They gave up in the 13th slot, appeared defeated, and managed only 46 points in their nine games. The winning team in this competition was Team XO.

Around the same time, Skylightz Gaming easily defeated their rivals to win the Nostra Gaming Week competition. Hector won the MVP award while Team XSpark finished in second place.

The crucial $1,000,000 LAN event, the PUBG New State Pro Series, which ended on November 29, 2022, had a respectable performance from Skylightz. Dagger and the team performed admirably in the challenge, placing sixth overall. GodLike finished in second place, while Team XO won the coveted trophy.

Reasons for releasing the team

The roster’s uneven performances in various events might be seen as the major cause of their departure from Skylightz Gaming. Both PUBG New State enthusiasts and analysts will be interested in learning about their new residence.

Skylights Gaming will now attempt to scour the New State scene for fresh talent in order to assemble a powerful team. There were some fresh talents that caught everyone’s attention during the just-finished Pro Series. Given the stature of the organization, we will definitely witness a new talented team set up soon.

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