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Who Is Himanshu Sharma, RCB Unknown Latest Buy

Who Is Himanshu Sharma, RCB Unknown Latest Buy
Who Is Himanshu Sharma, RCB Unknown Latest Buy

Himanshu Sharma was bought by Royal Challengers Bangalore for his base price of 20 lacks during the IPL 2023 auction. During the auction, Himanshu Sharma was the second purchase made by Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB). The player has never played competitive cricket and has only played club cricket, making him an unknown commodity in the world of cricket.

Himanshu is a resident of the Rupgarh, Dantaramgarh, and Sikar districts of Rajasthan. Himanshu Sharma, a bowler from Rajasthan, originally intended to play as a batsman.

CB Unknown Latest Buy

The main cause of this is that Himanshu did not receive the money for the kit, but now he will feature in IHarry Brook Admits Shock Over Landing Expensive Contract. During an interview with ABP News, he told the whole story of his selection. 

He began participating in the Jaipuria Cricket Academy. Rohit Jhalani, the academy’s coach, provided better guidance. He spends a total of 7-8 hours practicing here every day, including morning and evening sessions. played in the year 2018 at the university. He won a gold medal in college after that.

Himanshu is a very exciting talent

Malolan Rangarajan, the Head of Scouting at RCB, spoke about the acquisition of Himanshu Sharma and how his leg-spinning skills will add some essential spice to the RCB table and make him an interesting pick in the most recent auction.

Speaking on the RCB Bold Diaries, Malolan said, “Himanshu is a very exciting talent." It’s a good time to speak about our process and what we have in RCB from a scouting point of view. We first identified him a year ago, and we have been tracking him ever since. This year, we had a camp for our existing RCB players, and we chose to invite him over.

We gave him a very useful opportunity to use our coaches. top 5 Epic Catches In IPL History and obviously our batting and spin bowling coach Sriram.”

He further added, “We have tested him according to our standard drills. Himanshu is exciting in a way because he is from Rajasthan, he is a club-level cricketer, and he has not played any competitive cricket.

He is extremely skilled, however, and we are also looking into the future also but knowing he is still good and we can develop him.”

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