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Game Will Return, According to Scout, In April or May

Game Will Return, According to Scout, In April or May
Game Will Return, According to Scout, In April or May

An esports broadcaster and well-known Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player named Tanmay "Scout" Singh did a webcast on his LOCO channel. In the BGMI gaming and esports sector, Scout is a pioneer. He played BGMI with strangers and friends from the gaming community during the live stream.

During the broadcast, he chatted with a teammate who wanted to know when the BGMI ban will be lifted. Scout said that he does not know with certainty when the title would be unbanned.

He said that he is continuing playing the game only in the hopes that it would return soon, and that it's possible that Battlegrounds Mobile India may return to the Indian market in April or May 2023.

Scout's BGMI unbanning deadline

Scout clarified that he has no idea when the BGMI would be unbanned. He continued, saying it would have been wonderful if he had known about it.

"I'm just working on my technique in preparation for BGMI's comeback. It's likely that the game will return in April or May. The best should be our goal, Scout advised.

Moreover, he said that certain BGMI gamers circulated internet rumours about the unban date in an effort to get views and fame. How far away is BGMI Mobile India from really being unbanned?

According to Scout, some people believe that they may get followers for a very long time by spreading rumours. Then, he advised his audience to wait until Krafton made a public declaration on the matter before believing any internet rumours about the BGMI unban date. Scout has been taking part in scrims for Team X Spark, and he or she is excited about BGMI's impending comeback to the Indian market.

The game is still prohibited across the country as a result of restrictions imposed by the government. Both the comeback date for the game and the BGMI unban date are still up in the air.

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