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Indian-Origin Man Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison After Dalit-targeting Tiktok Video

Indian-Origin Man Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison After Dalit-targeting Tiktok Video
Indian-Origin Man Sentenced To 18 Months In Prison After Dalit-targeting Tiktok Video

London: A UK court has jailed a 68-year-old man of Indian descent to 18 months in prison for posting a video on social media that some groups considered insulting.

Amrik Bajwa, of Slough, Berkshire, southeast England, was sentenced last week and fined GBP 240 after pleading guilty to one count of transmitting an offensive/indecent/obscene/menacing message or substance by public communication network.

According to a statement from the Thames Valley Police on Tuesday, "a man has been punished for delivering an abusive message through social media." The Dalit community was apparently the subject of the post, which was in relation to a video he uploaded on TikTok on July 19, last year.

Indian-Origin Man Gets 18 Months In US Jail Over Tiktok Video Targeting Dalits

The Slough police station's investigating officer, Sergeant Andrew Grant, expressed his satisfaction with the punishment, which sends a clear message that Thames Valley Police will not accept Amrik Bajwa's actions. Vital meeting on security preparations for the G20 in Kashmir today at the home ministry

He said, "As a force, we are dedicated to preserving our communities and ensuring that criminal activities that have the potential to erode community cohesiveness are dealt with firmly. Bajwa was accused by postal requisition on March 2 of this year after being caught a few days after his post on July 22 of last year.

18 Months In US Jail Over Tiktok Video

The inflammatory "casteist" article was brought to our attention by the Anti-Caste Discrimination Alliance (ACDA), a non-profit human rights group that works to end caste-based discrimination in the UK. The ACDA described the post as hate speech directed towards Dalit communities.

According to an ACDA official, the 18-week jail term "reflects the gravity of the harm Amrik Bajwa's Tiktok film caused the Dalit community."

"We acknowledge that the conviction did not specifically refer to caste because it is not yet a legally protected characteristic. However, the Criminal Prosecution Service (CPS) informed the court of the derogatory terms "choora" and "charmer" used by Mr. Bajwa. The official stated that the video Amrik Singh Bajwa released on TikTok in 2022 was extremely poisonous and included casteist themes.

The ACDA said that the cooperation of several community organizations led to the conviction. All of the significant witnesses who assisted with the force's investigation into the case were praised by the Thames Valley Police. A Significant Move to Unify

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(Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by staff and is published from a syndicated feed.)

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