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Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, claims she isn't attractive. Katie Holmes Wants to Be More Than a "Sexy Young Thing"

Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, claims she isn't attractive. Katie Holmes Wants to Be More Than a "Sexy Young Thing"

Since becoming well-known for playing Joey Potter in Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes has had a career full of wonderful films. Holmes made every effort to reverse the role she was first given, which was to play a "sexy young creature."

She gave the audience a performance that is still as relevant today as it was in 1998, even going so far as to bring a friend along to photo shoots to ensure that they did not make the photos for the role to be extremely racy. She also added her own understanding of dimensional depth to the character.

She was free from having to do so after that. Tom Cruise's ex-wife steadfastly adhered to the one rule she firmly believed should be established in her career, despite being well known for consistently portraying some of the most complex women on screen.

This is something she never compromised on, despite the fact that their high-profile and widely reported divorce became the subject of several rumors and hypotheses, something she never publicly commented on. She continues to be one of the finest actors Hollywood has ever produced, even after their divorce was finalized more than ten years ago and she had a larger list of memorable parts under her belt.

Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, claims she isn't attractive.

The success of Katie Holmes following "Dawson's Creek"

Speaking frequently about how much she loved playing Joey Potter, and Katie Holmes. She claimed that her ultimate dream was to become an actor. She, therefore, tried all in her power to avoid being stereotyped as a "sexy young thing," stressing that she was not sexy. Blade reboot from Marvel Studios stars a rising horror star

Other than that, she has only ever had positive things to say about her performance since she was able to identify strongly with her character while thinking back to her own adolescence. As a teenager trying to transition from being a girl to a woman, she said, "I felt like I had so many different sensations at that time."

Luckily for her, Kevin Williamson, the show's creator, did a wonderful job of putting those thoughts into words, so when she played that part, it was like, "Oh, that's what it means. I see that now. I had fun doing it. She has had other famous roles since then, though.

Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, claims she isn't attractive.
Katie Holmes, the ex-wife of Tom Cruise, claims she isn't attractive.

The Batman Begins actor continued to produce outstanding performances, leaving a legacy that ultimately made the industry richer as a result of their presence. Following Dawson's Creek, the actress starred in the 1999 film Go, in which her own friend Ronna offers her up as collateral when a heroin deal utterly goes awry.

She made a lasting impression on the audience with the suspenseful thriller Phone Booth in 2002. After that, her pivotal roles in the films Pieces of April (2003), Batman Begins (2005), Mad Money (2008), and Touched with Fire (where she plays a bipolar poet involved in a blossoming romance with another bipolar poet she meets in the psych ward),

as well as the financial crisis drama All We Had and a number of spooky horror films like Don't be Afraid of the Dark, helped her establish a lasting reputation. And above all, helped her to really take her career where she always wanted to take it. Initial Box Office Predictions for Guardians of the Galaxy 3

What caused Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' divorce?

Yet, in 2011, when the shocking news of Holmes and Tom Cruise surfaced, her life did take a rapid shift. Holmes apparently filed for divorce without telling Cruise despite the couple being widely believed to be quite happy together. Many began to rumor that Tom Cruise's affiliation with Scientology may have had a significant role, despite the fact that none of the parties ever came out to explain what actually transpired. Years later, Cruise kind of admitted in an interview that his faith had played a significant role in their final breakup.

Holmes reportedly intended to take every measure possible to protect their daughter and herself from Scientology. No one of them has ever given a certain assurance on anything, even ten years after their breakup.

Tom Cruise's alleged affiliation with Scientology is said to be the cause of his alienation from his daughter Suri Cruise since those who quit the church are referred to as "enemies" and all efforts are made to keep them apart from the active members. Huge Cast of The Mandalorian Crossover Film Teased by Producer

Holmes reportedly agreed to a divorce condition that would prevent her from dating "publicly" for the first five years following their breakup and provide her access to sizable alimony in exchange. However the situation may be, Holmes and Cruise both seem to be having fantastic careers, especially in light of reports that Suri Cruise may eventually enter the acting industry when her studies are through.

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