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When The Super Mario Bros. Movie Start Streaming

When The Super Mario Bros. Movie Start Streaming
When The Super Mario Bros. Movie Start Streaming

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will stream in a certain way, according to Illumination, Nintendo, and Universal, but when will it start? The Mario Bros. Movie debuted in theatres on April 5 after being delayed by two days.

The movie received a 56% rating on Rotten Tomatoes while receiving harsh criticism from several reviews. The moviegoers (those who vote with their dollars) awarded Mario an "A" grade on CinemaScore and a 96% on RT.

After the controversial 1993 live-action Super Mario Bros. film, Mario is expected to be revitalized on the big screen with this family-friendly animated film. The new Mario had the greatest budget in the history of the animation company (around $100 million), thanks to a collaboration between the gaming studio and Illumination, best known for the animated films Despicable Me, Minions, and The Secret Life of Pets.

When can families anticipate seeing The Super Mario Bros. Movie at home following what will probably be a spectacular run at the box office?

Super Mario Bros. Movie Streaming Date

Super Mario Bros Movie, Luigi and Mario

On Amazon Prime Video, a placeholder date of May 9th, 34 days after release, is displayed. Little over a month after its theatrical premiere, this would allow viewers to buy the movie on PVOD. If the movie performs well at the box office and approaches the desired $1 billion global gross threshold, its release date may change.

It makes sense that Illumination/Universal will adhere to that date due to a number of variables. The first is that Mario will lose numerous screens when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is released on May 5. (in particular premium screens like IMAX, Dolby, 4DX, etc).

The summer blockbuster Minions: The Rise of Gru from Illumination debuted in cinemas on July 1 and went on sale on PVOD on August 2 of the same year. Despite Minions 2 having a strong box office performance (totaling $939.4 million internationally), the movie had a speedy turnaround.

What about individuals who already pay for Peacock, Netflix, or another streaming service but don't want to pay again to watch Mario? One Thing James Gunn Wants to Avoid With His Reboot Film

Mario Bros. Coming to Peacock and Netflix

As part of a licensing agreement signed in 2021 (a major time of flux in the movie industry during the global pandemic), Universal agreed to share its animated films (Dreamworks and Illumination) with Netflix, Amazon, and parent service Peacock. After being available to purchase, the film will go on Peacock for four months, then move to Netflix for the next ten, and finally head back to Peacock for the final four. Simple, right?

So, when will The Super Mario Bros. Movie hit Peacock? 

The most likely time that Mario and Luigi's journey to the Mushroom Kingdom would arrive in Peacock is June 23, 2023. When Puss in Boots: The Last Wish debuted on the NBCUniversal service on March 10, Minions 2 debuted on the streamer 84 days after its premiere.

This would equate to The Super Mario Bros. Movie hitting Netflix approximately four months later on October 23, 2023. Pokemon’s Live-Action Netflix Series Receives an Encouragement Update (Report)

Before it's made available at home, Mario Bros. is set to dominate the April box office and could even break Illumination's worldwide earnings record of $1.15 billion (set by 2015's Minions).

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie is playing now in theaters worldwide.

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