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download Premium Vpn Hosts 11.12.1

You can also download: Premium Vpn Hosts 11.12.1

  VPN host features (ad blocker and no root and IPv6 compliant

  Use host file without root on Android device. That can customize the domain name resolution records.

  Supports wildcard DNS records.

  Full support for ipv6 network, support DNS AAAA (ipv6 address) record change.

  Probably more power saving when the record is too much, because wildcards can use DNS records. Only one "" record is required, such as a Google domain, which can represent all subdomains.

how to use it:

  Create the hosts file yourself or get it from the internet.

  You can put the file anywhere on your phone that you can select or access.

  Launch the app. Click the blue button at the bottom of the screen, then choose the host file that you create or receive from the Internet.

  Click the big white button that is like a walk switch and the white button will turn green.

  If the download link above doesn't work, please try this mirror link

  Latest version changes:

  Fixed the bug that caused the Google Play Store to not download or update.

You have to wait 25 seconds.

WAIT TO DOWNLOAD Premium Vpn Hosts

  It supports external calls and runs the app (for example, run the app from Tasker).

  The data option requires the launch parameter ("on" or "off").

  "On" means the start application, "off" means stop the application.

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