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PUBG All Version KR,GL,BGMI,VNG White Body 1.9 Black Sky 1.9 No Recoil 1.9 No Grass Config 1.9 File

Pubg mobile 1.9.0 No Recoil No Shake NO TREE file download 2022

  This file also comes without a tree, with the help of this treeless file it will be easy for you to enjoy the match without trees and see and beat the opponent easily this file also comes with 90fps so you can get a very good experience If you still have a problem, please comment below on your problem and we will solve it for you.


Pubg mobile no Trees file download 2022

  This is a pak file. If you know how to apply the Pak file, just click the download link to get the link and download the file.

Note: - Grass will not be removed for you. You are comfortable Grass Me So Sakte Hai. The enemy will not see you. It is only for your enemy. Sirf you will not see grass in the enemy, that is, you will not see grass in the game.

Pubg mobile 1.9.0 No Recoil No Shake NO TREE 2022

It allows users to see enemies, cars, loot, crates, supply drops, and just about anything you can see through walls Also, you can shoot through walls and kill enemies. But after this, your interest will end with the game and at the same time the game will eventually have fewer challenges as you will be able to see beyond the wall You will know the status of each enemy and you can make it fun for that enemy. How can they not imagine where you shoot? And besides, how do you kill them?

The conclusion No Recoil No Shake NO TREE

JSo I hope you liked the article about how we can not download Grass Pubg Mobile Lite latest update config file or how I am cursed to give complete information So you should not forget to share it with your pub lovers After downloading the file, you need to know where you want to save this file or where you need to move or paste the Pak file.

Pubg mobile no Trees config 2022

By using this Pak file, you will be able to find the opponent very easily. And maybe have chicken for dinner all the time some players cannot playfully and cannot find an opponent easily, so they use this culinary file by which they can easily find the opponent But if an enemy dies sleeping on the grass, you may not be able to see or you will think the man is a celebrity, let's take me, just read this article in its entirety.

New No Recoil No Shake NO TREE 1.9.0 pubg mobile new update

As many players are concerned about their account, which is filled with many outfits and items. You can use this file because this file is completely safe for your primary ID.

By testing the two files, you can kill enemies with great hope, or your gaming experience will change with the whole trip or you will have a very cozy chicken dinner.

Where do you want to save this file?

  After downloading the file, just go to your internal storage and unzip or extract the file, you will get a Pak file. Now copy/cut the file in the folder below

 NOTICE Paste the file here. 

 Android /data/com.pubg.krmobile/Files/UE4Game/ShadowTrackerExtra /ShadowTrackerAdditional/Save/Config/Android

  [1] -Anti Bain: - Friends, this configuration file will not create your account, but this test is illegal in the game, so you should test it carefully.

    [2] -Easy Kill: - Yes, friends, you will kill very comfortably because it will remove the grass or you will see dinner very comfortably.

    [3] - No span: - After downloading the config file, when you use it, your span will be fixed because it is also hard-coded for ISK and lag fix, which makes lug fx.

    [4] - Anime Spot Easy: - You can watch the anime very comfortably, this is the best benefit for you Kher, see how to do it or you can also watch the video for more information.


आपको 2 Steps पूरे करने होंगे तब जाकर आप डाउनलोड कर पाएंगे 
You have to complete 2 steps then you will be able to download

You have to wait 15 seconds.

Pubg Mobile PUBG All Version No Recoil No Shake NO TREE 1.9.0

  Pubg Mobile No Trees No Grass Config File 2022 Download

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