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Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-1 The Secret of the Dragon Balls [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD

Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-1 The Secret of the Dragon Balls [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD

The story begins on Mount Paozu, in which a young boy named Goku has the tail of a monkey. He was found by a martial artist named Gohan and adopted by him as his grandson, Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-1 who was trained by Gohan to be a mighty fighter. After the death of his, grandfather, Goku is now on his own, and now guards his Dragon Ball which was given to him just before Gohan died. [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD

A few months later, a day after chopping wood, Goku came inside to see his Dragon Ball glowing, thinking it was talking to his grandfather. On his way to find something to eat, he annoys a sabertooth cat and drags it off a cliff and into a river, losing it. Dragon Ball 1986

While in the river, Goku undresses to put his tail in the water as bait to catch fish. Soon, a monstrous fish jumps out of the water. With no fear of the giant fish, Goku dodges him and kills him with one kick.

Japanese Name 👉 ブルマとそんくう

Romaji name  👉 Buruma to Son Gokū

Literal Name  👉 Bulma and Son Goku

Season  👉 1

Saga  👉 Emperor Pilaf Saga

Episode #  👉 1

Chapter counterpart  👉 Bloomers and the Monkey King

Japanese airdate  👉 February 26, 1986

English airdate  👉 September 9, 1995

Next episode  👉 The Emperor's Quest


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Goku and Bulma meet for the first time

On his way home, while dragging a fish, he bumps into a teenage girl named Bulma in his car. Goku has never seen a car before and attacks it thinking it is a monster; [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD He picks up the car and throws it in the distance. In defense, Bulma takes out a gun and fires at Goku, but being so powerful, only bullets pierce him. Goku then starts accusing her but stops when she reveals herself as a human girl, not a monster as Dragon Ball 1986 Goku stops and realizes that she is different. Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-1

Bulma explaining Dragon Ball to Goku

Goku has always been told by his grandfather to be nice to the girls, so he takes Bulma to his house for dinner. [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD Finally arriving there, Bulma sees an object she's desperately looking for, her Dragon Ball. Goku takes it away from Bulma saying that it belonged to his grandfather. Bulma shows Goku the two Dragon Balls he has, and tells him that there are seven Dragon Ball 1986 in total, and they are spread all over the world. She explains that when they are all collected, they allow the owner to obtain a wish. In Bulma's case, he longs for a perfect lover, but Goku refuses to give what is left to his grandfather. Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-1

Emperor Pilaf Receives His First Dragon Ball

Elsewhere, two strange figures named Shu and Mai, led by a small blue entity named Emperor Pilaf, find the Dragon Ball 1986 in a dungeon in its quest to rule the world. Pilaf is furious when Mai tells him that he needs to collect all seven of them in order to summon the Eternal Dragon, Shenron.

Back at Goku's house, Goku agrees to go on a journey with Bulma to collect the Dragon Balls. She explains to Goku that she can locate them Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-1 using her dragon radar. She uses her capsule to build a motorcycle that Goku claims to be magic.

Goku must save Bulma from Pterodactyl

The two then leave for the nearest Dragon Ball 1986. On the way, Bulma stops at a pit stop after climbing a steep hill. Before he can leave, a terrifying pterodactyl grabs him, ties Goku, and flies away. Goku eventually suspects the monster's true intentions, and comes to the rescue, takes the reins of the motorcycle and goes off a hill into the air. Dragon Ball 1986 : Season 1, Episode-1

He then pulls out his power pole, carrying it behind his back, and orders it to extend, sending the pterodactyl to break its crest and fall to the ground below. [ English Dubbed ] Online Play FunToonsHD Goku falls safely to the ground and uses his power pole to pin Bulma to a cliff. This is all too much for him, causing Bulma to pee his pants. The two then go on their adventure in search of the Dragon Ball 1986

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