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How to use Plus UI 2.6.1 Bookmark Feature on your website

How to use Plus UI 2.6.1 Bookmark Feature on your website
How to use Plus UI 2.6.1 Bookmark Feature on your website

Mera Avishkar Design | Bookmark Posts

 Plus UI v2.6.1 Add Bookmark Widget

Here are some steps to add a Bookmark Widget to your Blog.

Don't forget to take a Theme Backup before making any changes.

Step 1: Log in to Blogger.

Step 2: Go to Layout Menu.

Step 3: In the Header Icon Widget, add a Text Item Bookmark.

Now, the Bookmark icon will appear on your Blog Header

How to Plus UI 2.6.1 Customize Bookmark Widget

bookmark: {
  bmTitle: "Bookmark Posts",
  closeText: "Close",
  noBmIcon: "<svg class='line' viewBox='0 0 24 24'><g transform='translate(3.650100, 2.749900)'><path d='M16.51,5.55 L10.84,0.15 C10.11,0.05 9.29,0 8.39,0 C2.1,0 -1.95399252e-14,2.32 -1.95399252e-14,9.25 C-1.95399252e-14,16.19 2.1,18.5 8.39,18.5 C14.69,18.5 16.79,16.19 16.79,9.25 C16.79,7.83 16.7,6.6 16.51,5.55 Z'/><path d='M10.2839,0.0827 L10.2839,2.7437 C10.2839,4.6017 11.7899,6.1067 13.6479,6.1067 L16.5989,6.1067'/><line class='svgC' x1='10.6623' y1='10.2306' x2='5.7623' y2='10.2306'/><line class='svgC' x1='8.2131' y1='12.6808' x2='8.2131' y2='7.7808'/></g></svg>",
  noBmMes: "The list of favorite articles does not exist yet...",
  noBmAll: "View all articles",
  noBmLink: "/search",
  delIcon: "<svg class='line' viewBox='0 0 24 24'><g transform='translate(3.500000, 2.000000)'><path d='M15.3891429,7.55409524 C15.3891429,15.5731429 16.5434286,19.1979048 8.77961905,19.1979048 C1.01485714,19.1979048 2.19295238,15.5731429 2.19295238,7.55409524'/><line x1='16.8651429' y1='4.47980952' x2='0.714666667' y2='4.47980952'/><path d='M12.2148571,4.47980952 C12.2148571,4.47980952 12.7434286,0.714095238 8.78914286,0.714095238 C4.83580952,0.714095238 5.36438095,4.47980952 5.36438095,4.47980952'/></g></svg>",
  addedNtf: "Added to Bookmarks!",
  removedNtf: "Removed from Bookmarks!",
Replace the marked parts as per your wish.

Contacting Us 

Feel free to contact us through Contact Page or reach us on Telegram (@helobaba) if you are facing any problems while following the steps described 

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